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Rock Goddess – This Time

Rock Goddess
This Time
by Santiago Puyol at 20 April 2019, 7:57 PM

ROCK GODDESS have a long history. Going back to the NWOBHY era, this all-female band the band released three albums between 1983 and 1987 when they split up. Their approach to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock thrived with energy and strong Pop sensibilities, all packed in Rock’n’Roll anthems. In 2013, they reformed and two years ago, they released an EP, “It's More Than Rock And Roll”. “This Time” is their fourth album so far and brings their sound back with just as much power.

“Are You Ready?” is an outstanding opener, and it really gets things going. It’s almost like a declaration and an invitation by the band to rock. “Are you ready, this time?” surely acts as both a catchy chorus and anaffirmation of purpose. This band is back in the game, and planning to stay here. The drumming is intricate and the bass pulsates with a lot of heaviness. This song is a perfect example of how much energy a power trio can pack.

Things take a Metal turn on “Obsession”, with a slower tempo and nice syncopation of the drums. Jody Turner vocals have a menacing tone (especially noticeable when she sings about never escaping her), something the vocal harmonies in the chorus nicely punctuate. “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right” follow with more of a 70’s Hard Rock vibe, bringing AC/DC or AEROSMITH classics to mind. The riffing is simply epic and the guitar solo is really well-placed.

“Calling to Space” lets Jody Turner shine in some of its quieter moments, with a softer, more melodic approach, especially in the sexy and psychedelic bridge of the song. Some clean, effect-laden guitars give the album a necessary moment of respite. The verses and chorus still maintain a strong hard-rock vibe. The intro of “Flying to See You” keep things interesting, and let the vocals be the main focus again, highlighting the depth of Turner’s voice. Tracey Lamb’s bass plays a nasty groove, almost riffing on its own and providing a nice counterpoint to the guitar.

“Why Do We Never Learn” brings back the heaviness and lets the band play a little with more complex rhythm patterns in its short three-minutes length. There’s even time for a little jamming and (kind of) drum soloing two thirds into the song. Meanwhile, the title track feels more atmospheric in the verses, with beautiful clean guitar playing over a deep bassline and creative drumming by Julie Turner. I got a soft 90’s Alternative Rock vibe from the verses, even.

The guitar playing gets almost machine gun-like at points on “It’s My Turn”. An exciting and fun track gets truly heavy but also manages to be catchy. “Drive Me Away” is an epic closer, that brings back softer, clean guitar playing, some evocative singing and hypnotic basslines. Tracey Lamb really stands out on this song, as her instrument anchors the whole song and gives it an edge. It fades-out so purposefully, in a way that really fits even when it is the final track.

“This Time” is a really well-produced and well-mixed, enjoyable album. It has a driving rhythm section, some catchy riffs, great guitar solos and a balanced mixture of Metal tracks with good old Hard Rock. There is so much power, energy and passion in these songs, that one just cannot shake the feeling of wanting the album to be a little longer. The chemistry between the members is quite audible and it’s easy to appreciate how much fun they were having while making this album.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Are You Ready?
2. Obsession
3. Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
4. Calling to Space
5. Flying to See You
6. Why Do We Never Learn
7. This Time
8. It’s My Turn
9. Drive Me Away
10. Are You Ready?
Jody Turner – Guitar/Vocals
Julie Turner – Drums
Tracey Lamb – Bass
Record Label: Bite You To Death Records


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