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Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw - Ridin Free (CD)

Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw
Ridin Free
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 26 May 2001, 10:52 AM

I used to fuck people like you in prison records. Oh, god what we have done to you? Anyway this is a new company and I bet that they have something in mind that I can't really get.. As I have understand they release mostly Punk/Rock 'N' Roll bands. Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw is one of these bands which try to play music. Albums like that make me believe that I'm fuckin' great musician myself too.

First of all I understand that the guys of the band are having real fun. No doubt at all. They play with all their heart but they should keep in mind that their 'party' time in the studio ( or that garage ) can't be paid by the fans. You can't expect to earn money and cover your expenses ( If you had any) if you have out an album like this one. They play low quality punk/rock with riffs that make me look like Yngwie Malmsteen. The production is the worst I've ever heard on a album. You'll tell me now that Punk is not a music that needs good production and outstanding musicianship. Yeah, right but we are in 2001. What is the same as it used to be? Nothing On the other hand I'm a bit 'fan of the past' but hell most people aren't. I don't know how many fans of Punk are still out there and this CD might appeal to them but it will say nothing to the most of you. The vocals are terrible, the guitar riffs are err… simple as hell and the whole thing is something that I can't name. The production as I said before is simple the worst I've ever heard.

If you like punk/rock then… you should try in someway to listen to these guys. If you like underground stuff I mean, you might like this CD. I have to say that I like some of the songs. On the other hand I got it for free and I don't know if I would pay to have it. You know all this out of tune guitars, the bad production, the bad vocals and so on, are covered by the passion and the 'full of life' atmosphere. When something is SO fuckin' bad it might works the other way out. Damn, I like it. If you are punk/rock fan check them out. Anyway I will be merciless. Before I finish I have to say that I have heard bands with better production and better musicians that don't have half of the passion of these guys. So, I don't know what to do. I guess the guys of the band don't care about the rate and they want people who are into Punk/Rock to check out their music. If you like a 'monster' like CD and if you are into low quality yet full of passion punk/rock try to get this album. It's cool but just a few decades back according to music, production and stuff.

1 Star Rating

Acid Tammy
Livin' On The Run
Ridin Free
Shoot Em Down
Black Rope
Hard Rider
Old Man
Keep On
Glory Is Your, Vengeance Is Mine
Acid Tammy ( bonus track)
Feeling Cocky ( bonus track)
Glory Is Yours, Vengeance Is Mine
Record Label: I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records


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