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Rocka Rollas - Conquer

Rocka Rollas
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 27 December 2012, 3:15 PM

When I first received the debut album - “The War Of Steel Has Begun” from Sweden's own ROCKA ROLLAS on Stormspell Records about a year ago, I expected the band to live up to their namesake, and thereby sound like old style JUDAS PRIEST. I was rather surprised to discover that they were more of a Speed Metal duo who could come up with some killer cuts, sure to please fans of MAJESTY, BLOODBOUND, GAMMA RAY, ALLTHENIKO, and even the last album by RIOT - “Immortal Soul”. In fact, there unmentioned cover of RIOT's“Heavy Metal Machine” was superb.

The only downside to the debut was the poor production. Now with this (EP) these rockin' and rollin' warriors of steel and metal have stepped it up a notch, and if this is a teaser for the full-length in the future to come, then I am very thrilled to ride the Metal storm out with these poseur slayers!

Like a vicious barbaric attack on the senses, ROCKA  ROLLAS rip right into to it with the opener “Bloodbath”. Fans of SACRED STEEL, PARAGON, THE PORRIDGEFACE, PARADOX, and their ilk will join in their fight for the loud, heavy, and true Metal of steel. The more epic “Conquer” is an enduring powerful slow burner sure to sate any fan of early MANOWAR and BLIND GUARDIAN.

“Riding The Metal Storm” takes its cue from early RUNNING WILD, STORMWITCH, and PRETTY MAIDS. The searing “Steelwheeler” is a fast and furious instrumental, and fans of STORMWARRIOR, HELLISH WAR and HIBRIA will surely be excited.

Stormspell Records seriously have discovered a real gem here, so seek out both releases that you may quell and conquer your desire for one last holiday present to give to yourself.

4 Star Rating

1. Bloodbath
2. Conquer
3. Riding The Metal Storm
4. Steelwheeler
Joe Lizst – Vocals
Ced – All Instruments
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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