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Rocka Rollas - Metal Strikes Back

Rocka Rollas
Metal Strikes Back
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 09 September 2013, 6:23 PM

With swords raised in victory, the war of steel has begun and ROCKA ROLLAS - the road warriors of all things Metal - return with more impressive raging from Hell. This goes to show that they who are influenced by the true metal kings know how to continue the enduring legacy. For these dedicated warriors of steel and Metal are the true conquerors. That is right. That dynamic talented combination of American steel and Swedish might makes it right, returning with more triumphant glory, and indeed “The Metal Strikes Back”.

Unfortunately, this may be the last effort with Josef Listz who has departed via the D-Train, to focus on other sick selective Metal pursuits. This would not be the first time an American worked with such a talented Swede, as I myself am becoming increasingly more involved in THE PORRIDGEFACE, and we hope to have another album (our third) due out later this fall. You got to love modern technology! Clearly, I digress. However, Cederick Forsberg keeps the Heavy Metal machine active, by working with his other band for which I have heard promising news. Check out MORTYR - “Rise Of The Tyrant”.

As for this album which is more metal than steel, all the fight for the loud and proud ingredients are present: Hyper fast blazing guitar dynamics, ear ringing and soaring vocals, weapon-sized raging solos, and more OTT enthusiastic Power Metal, I've personally heard a myriad of times, but never tire from enjoying. Fans of RUNINING WILD, GAMMA RAY, ELVENPATH, STRATOVARIUS, etc., you know what to expect; especially the speedier songs by said artists.

“Night Of The Living Steel” sets the pace for what you can expect, nothing less than a sonic bloodbath of Marshall amps all cranked up to 10. This headbanging fest will be marked with an epitaph: a lasting homage to the stone cold victory of Metal or steel. Fans Of the first two HAMMERFALL albums take note, as well as first two NOSTRADAMEUS, and first two STEEL ATTACK albums.

I am surprised how much “Metalive” reminds me of “Metal Hell” by EXE; especially, the catchy chorus. “Blazing Wings” sounds like any songs from “Blazon Stone”, who by the way (BLAZON STONE) are another band Stormspell advocates for fans of that Pirate Metal music Rockin' Rolf Kasparek created back in the blackened Noise days. The never compromising title track has that fast, fun, and friendly vibe, as stays on target honoring RIOT's glorious “Thundersteel”, as well as classic BLIND GUARDIAN.

“Raging Cyborg” is a bit of a departure from the MANOWARish mettle themes, and it is more akin to SACRED STEEL, PHANTOM, or perhaps DEATH DEALER whose album artwork is very similar. The unstoppable juggernaut that is “Warmachine From Hell” will appeal to fans of HIBRIA, HELLISH WAR, and STORMWARRIOR. “Weaponizer” is another burner riding out the metal storm, borrowing a bit from STORMWITCH and HEAVY LOAD, leading up to the epic “Swords Raised In Victory”, clearly in the vein of “Tsar” or “Victory” from said album itself.

I was pleased to see that no tracks from the excellent “Conqueror” (EP) were re-used, and this sophomore steel lord on wheels is well-comprised of all new material, thus serving as another vicious barbaric attack on the senses, crushing the posers to death. Stormspell is selling this mighty mettle raging weapon prize right now for only $9.99 and the price is a real steal.

4 Star Rating

1. Night Of The Living Steel
2. Metalive
3. Heavy Metal Strikes Back
4. Blazing Wings
5. Raging Cyborg
6. Warmachine From Hell
7. Weaponizer
8. Swords Raised In Victory
Ced – Vocals
Joe Liszt – All Instruments
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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