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Rockburn - Red Dress (CD)

Red Dress
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 January 2011, 1:01 PM

I think that the "Classic Rock N' Roll with a 21st Century Twist", a sentence that described the new Scottish Rock N' Roll band, ROCKBURN, is only partially true. However, tuning to their new EP, "Red Dress", made a positive impression as it let go the feeling of a cool and catchy 70s like album. ROCKBURN's Rock N' Roll, if you don't have any memories of knowledge about the 70s scene, doesn't have affiliations to Metal at all, yet, it doesn't mean that its not good. Influences of Blues and pure American Rock music is the thing for these Scots.It is hard to say that this album started its engines with a full force because I really don't think that this fits, yet, the self-titled track, "Red Dress", is the closest thing these guys have to Hard Rock. Other tracks, "Night On Fire", "Beautiful Morning" and "The Last Stop", aside from thecover version for FREE of the Hard Rock classic, "Wishing Well", also covered by several Metal bands like SAVATAGEfor instance, pretty much tries to bind the diversity of this group. In overall, the material is simple, catchy and aimed for easy listening, so prepare your weed. Nonetheless, with the easiness of the album, it seems that ROCKBURN didn't care a lot for their production.

I thought to myself, why ruining the fun. I don't know who mixed & mastered this album, but he only brought shame to this rather promising foursome crew. The production itself, even though has a direction to the 70s, sounds like a basement recording instead of something that should be brought into attention officially.

Generally, "Red Dress" can be considered as a solid Rock N' Roll release with hints to various of genres that gave life to bands of the 70s. Listening to this kind of material in the 21st century, is a nice turnout from all the modern Rock that is trying to recreate the 80s rather than the 70s.

3 Star Rating

1. Red Dress
2. Night On Fire
3. Beautiful Morning
4. The Last Stop
5. Wishing Well (Free Cover)
Stephen Baxter - Vocals
Gary Dudgeon - Guitars
Chris Rodgers - Bass
Christo Lambrou - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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