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Rockett Queen - Goodnight California

Rockett Queen
Goodnight California
by V. Srikar at 04 August 2014, 5:08 PM

There are many bands that I have encountered that have made albums with post-apocalyptic and romantic lyrical themes, but most of them have been Thrash Metal unlike ROCKETT QUEEN which blasts Hard Rock (they call themselves Rock N’ Roll band). With their new EP ‘Goodnight California’ originally released in 2011 and getting a re-release now again in 2014, these East Texas boys make another effort to take the world by storm. You ask – Hit or a miss? I say - Tough Question.

Right from bursting onto the scene in 2003 to the high point of having their hit single “The Next Big Thing” featured in the full length film “John Tucker Must Die”, everything about ROCKETT QUEEN sounds like a dream ride. The music isn’t just traditional Hard Rock as it has touch of Punk feel all over the music reminding me of bands like BOWLING FOR SOUP, PARAMORE and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, all with whom ROCKETT QUEEN has shared a stage in their live shows.

Unlike some of the modern Hard Rock bands, ROCKETT QUEEN doesn’t seem to believe in just aggression in their music, here catchiness and the lyrics are made the selling point, and they do work for the most part. As its just 5 songs here and some of them like the 1st song “Day Break” clocking just around 1 and half minutes, it makes easier to play the album on repeat to dive into their music. “Day Break” is an instrumental as the listener is taken to a post-apocalyptic street where you can here police sirens and a few gun blasts making the album’s lyrical theme crystal clear for the listener. “To Be Loved” brings all their selling points in just 1:44 min as they blast mid tempo paced Punk filled Hard rock.  The guitars, bass and drums are all in unison and hardly make a mistake. The vocals are all good and it’s more like Walter Lee is enjoying what he does and he hardly puts an effort in it as its mostly free flowing clean vocals here. But I find the song ends abruptly giving a bitter taste in my mouth. I feel responsible to mention that Gang vocals here in all the songs work really well for the EP and gives the required elevation that the band needs and is better than what most other bands bring out.

“I Hate You” the selling point of the EP here goes with the same groove but with different and more innovative riffs. The music is mostly teen-appealing and I can’t help but feel that this factor may constrict the band’s growth among traditional Metal fans. “Since You've Been Gone” is worth mentioning more for its soul touching romantic lyrics than the music, which is good, but not innovative and stand out, even with all the guitar solos in the middle. The EP ends with the title track “Goodnight California” which has a free flow to it, but again gives a mixed feeling to me as it sounds more like a party song than a Hard Rock song, which as you see can be a double edged sword.

While the production is good, the music may only appeal to a section of Hard Rock fans, mostly who are already fans of aforementioned bands. Even with all the hiccups, “Goodnight California” is worth your time if you are looking for some easy going Rock N’ Roll with your gang.

3 Star Rating

1. Day Break
2. To Be Loved
3. I Hate You
4. Since You've Been Gone
5. Goodnight California
Walter Lee - Vocal , Guitars
Jay Scars - Lead Guitar
SeVen - Drum
Chaz Graves - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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