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Rocking Corpses – Death Blues

Rocking Corpses
Death Blues
by Sean Leslie at 11 October 2021, 3:25 PM

ROCKING CORPSES are a Rock ‘n’ Rott band from Finland, The concept of the band came at the end of 2007 from guitarist and vocalist Tony Decay’s love of horror, death metal and blues, after a few months vocalist Leper Laze joined in on the action, they recorded two demo songs in 2009 and then in 2011 they recorded their first full length studio album “Rock ‘n’ Rott” which was finished in 2012 and released via Abyss Records before the project to a back seat as the full line up couldn’t be filled. However the band came back to the fore front in 2017 when Maggot Mike and Pestilence Pete had their own project GRIT that Tony Decay and Leper Laze slotted into when they needed a guitarist and a vocalist and soon it became clear that Maggot Mike  and Pestilence Pete would join ROCKING CORPSES and having gone through 5 different drummers the band finally found Tom Bones after they had finished recording their second full length studio record “Death Blues” which was released in July 2021 via Inverse Records.

The album is packed with twelve rock ‘n’ rott tracks, the band’s music takes influence from rock, death metal, blues, dark humour and anything horror related. Tony Decay and Pestilence Pete providing listeners with a massive and heavy guitar sound throughout the album while Tom Bones smashed the drum kit and Maggot Mike provided the glue that held the guitar and the drums together with his bass playing skills while Leper Laze provided the clean vocals on the record, Tony Decay came in with the demonic growling vocals you hear on this album.

Prior to the release of “Death Blues” the band released five pre-release singles to get fans ready for the album, those singles were the albums third track “Buried” which came out on October 30th 2020, the albums eighth track “Another Day In Casket” on November 17th 2020, they went on to release the albums second track “Body” on the December 18th 2020, after a four month break the albums twelfth and final track “War For Doom” was released on April 21st 2021 before they released the seventh track “Drinking With The Dead” from the album which would be their final single release on May 27th 2021 as the album was then released in full on July 2nd 2021. Which still leaves just over half of the album unheard by fans prior to release.

The album’s opening track “There Will Be Death” started off moderately slow and tame as the first minute is ambient sounds music playing and then what sounds like a news report before the instruments slow one by one come into the mix along with sounds of gunfire before listeners hear the tracks intro guitar riff and the track kicks into gear with growling vocals and heavy instrumentation which started the album off on the right foot.

The albums fifth track “Rocking Corpses Part II” is not only a self-titled track but is also a follow on from their debut album “Rock ‘n’ Rott” which has the track “Rocking Corpses” on it so this track has been building for nearly a decade since the release of the first part and it definitely did deliver, the track starts off with the audio of a patient telling his doctor that the hears voices singing about corpses before his doctors voices turns zombie-like and says the only cure is to amputate his brain before an iconic sounding guitar riff is brought in and the rest of the band is brough in shortly there after with very powerful sounding vocals to leave fans wondering if there will be a third part to this series.

One thing I wasn’t expecting from this album was the miniature rollercoaster listeners are brought on throughout “Derailed”, “Drinking With The Dead” and “Another Day In Casket”. This is because “Derailed” stays along the same lines as every other track that came before it on the album, where as “Drinking With The Dead” is a very different song all together, it’s a more blues based track then any of the others, much less intense, no screaming, just very laid back and “Another Day In Casket” also starts off in a similar way before climbing back into a more heavy style of music with very powerful, ballad like, vocals and heavier guitars bringing listeners back up to the pace the album had been at prior to the blues detour that was taken.
Having listened to the album in its entirety, I can say it is definitely one if you like horror style death metal bands, this is definitely an album worth listening to and a band worth keeping an eye on for the future

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. There Will Be Death (Intro)
2. Body
3. Buried
4. As High As You Can Get
5. Rocking Corpses Part II
6. Derailed
7. Drinking With The Dead
8. Another Day In The Casket
9. Losing Day
10. Necrophilove
11. Death Is Something To Die For
12. War For Doom
Leper Laze – Vocals
Maggot Mike – Bass
Tom Bones – Drums
Tony Decay – Guitar/Vocals
Pestilence Pete – Guitar
Record Label: Inverse Records


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