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Rocky Lewis – Reign Of Reptiles

Rocky Lewis
Reign Of Reptiles
by MoshCat at 18 October 2015, 1:08 AM

ROCKY LEWIS presents their album, “Reign of Reptiles”. This band is like your friend’s band; you went and saw them play in a bar with another mate’s band, had a drunken headbang. It was a decent night. You put their album on sometimes, and eventually you put it in a box in your cupboard. Fast forward 20 years, you move house and unearth that album, play it and it brings back fond memories of those times. This is that album.

ROCKY LEWIS’ sound is very familiar, I’d call the genre solid rock flavoured with a tiny hint of JUDAS PRIEST and LAMB OF GOD seasoning. I’d imagine if I saw them live, I’d be instantly fonder of them. The album seems to lack the endearing qualities I hope for in a recording. The drums sound distant and lacklustre, the guitar is a little hollow and could use a companion, and the vocals lack dimension at times. That said, I feel like there is magic in this three piece, but I’m just not hearing it in the recording.

Songs like “Double Jeopardy” and “Never Know” pull in a touch of punk but still feel and sound formulaic and predictable.

Parasites” is the trip master on this album, you think you have the band pegged then they pull this out, with its refreshingly different vibe and a nice wee break down. Chuck some double kicks in there and I’d be less confused.

This album would have benefited from the guitar, bass and drums being a bit tighter and locked in with each other more firmly. It’s clear they can all play their instruments well, just a little more attention to gelling together would be a wonderful progression.

Reign of Reptiles” does offer variety in the styles of the tracks, and the album on the whole doesn’t sound repetitive. Much of this is due to Michael Schtiffman’s changing vocal approach.

In short, “Reign of Reptiles” by ROCKY LEWIS is a grassroots sounding rock album with nods to other genres. It’s the kind of album you will appreciate more if there is a great context attached to hearing it. Check out the link to hear them.

2 Star Rating

1. Burning To Burn You
2. London Is Burning
3. Soulghetto
4. Parasites
5. Watch The World Die
6. Double Jeopardy
7. Never Know
8. Friendly Fire
9. In Another Life
10. Reigned By Reptiles
Michael Schtiffman – Guitar, Vocals
Martin Matyssek – Drums
André Ruppert – Bass
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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