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Rog & Pip - Our Revolution

Rog & Pip
Our Revolution
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 June 2014, 10:27 PM

Guitarist Roger Lomas and Singer/Guitarist Pip Whitcher (AKA ROG & PIP) were members of Coventry freakbeat legends The Sorrows. Along with the other remaining members of the band they relocated to Italy in the late 60's due to huge popularity over there. Homesick, the pair returned back to the UK before the swinging decade was even over.  The pair continued writing material together, eventually becoming a partnership lasting well into the 70's. During this time they recorded a vast amount of material, mainly at the state of the art AIR studios. Fortunately, budding producer (and Grammy award winner) Lomas made sure he kept tapes of everything they recorded, the fruits of which can be heard here for the very first time!

Starting with Sabbath/Zeppelin-esque proto-metal blast of debut single From a Window/War Lord, they released a string of singles under various guises such as ROG & PIP, Renegade and the Zips. The sounds they created progressed with the times, yet they always maintained a raw and gritty aggressive tone, whether performing bulldozing metal or hard-edged early glam rock. “Our Revolution” will give you a glimpse into the world of ROG & PIP and make you wonder why they never really cracked it as a duo. Their songs will do the talking.  This collection is of largely previously unreleased recordings from this cult duo of the psychedelic/progressive and glam rock eras.  It includes detailed sleeve notes, unseen photos and deluxe packaging.  The limited vinyl pressing includes a bonus 7” with initial copies.

“Why Don’t You Do What I Want” leads off the album with a chugging, upbeat rhythm and a serious attitude.  I like the use of flanger here, and the strong chorus.  The title track has a sort of THE WHO quality to it, a mid-tempo anthem with clean vocal harmonies.  There is a definite grittiness to their music, as the vocals sometimes border on screams.  The melodic blues riff in “Rock With Me” has a nice swagger to it, and the edgy lead guitar fills keep the song rocking on.  “Evil Hearted Woman” oozes a sinister sound, with a chugging guitar riff and some psychedelic keys.  The prominent use of guitar in this track gives it a lot of energy and raw power, and I daresay that it really sounds ahead of its time.

“Gold” begins with a slow, crushing sort of riff, reminiscent to me of early BLACK SABBATH but without so much of the doom.  There is a lot of emotion in this piece, referring to the rather sterility of this precious metal.  “Doin Alright Tonight” has a very memorable, swinging riff that reminds me of KISS in a few ways.  A strong chorus showcases the vocal prowess of Pip.  He doesn’t have glass shattering range, but he sings with confidence and keeps the melody dancing all around you.  This one really has me tapping along.  Circling back the other direction is the fast-paced, energetic “A Little Rock and Roll.”  It has a Southern Rock and Roll swag to it.  “Hot Rodder” has a confident feel to it, with a simply, heavy riff and just reminds you of someone having a good time, “blazing ‘cross the USA!”

“It’s A Lonely World” is more of a slower, more introspective piece, where the bass guitar really shines with the vocal harmonies.  It is a very easy listening song, as gentle as a summer breeze.  “Why Do You Treat Me Like That” is another upbeat number with a riff that gets right to the point, while “From A Window” sparkles a little more with a really funky riff that hits hard on the one and, three and four beats of the bar.  This little bit of complexity really adds some depth to the delivery of the song.  Together with the subtle reverb in the vocals, and the smoking lead fills, this might be my favorite song on the track.  Closing the album here is the song “War Lord,” with a ZEPPELIN-esque riff.  Like many bands of this generation, ROG and PIP keep the songwriting simple and easy, allowing the tracks to flow effortlessly.  Most songs are short, clocking in around the three minute mark.  But they really speak volumes and the band pours in a lot of different elements into the tracks.  I have every confidence fans of the band and of this sound will really be in for a treat hearing these previously unreleased tracks.


4 Star Rating

1. Why Won’t You Do What I Want
2. My Revolution
3. Rock With Me
4. Evil Hearted Woman
5. Gold
6. Doin’ Alright Tonight
7. A Little Rock and Roll
8. Hot Rodder
9. It’s A Lonely World
10. Why Do You Treat Me Like That
11. From a Window
12. War Lord
Phillip “Pip” Whitcher – Rhythm, Guitar, Vocals
Roger “Rog” Lomas – Lead Guitar
Wez Price – Bass
Bruce Finley – Drums
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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