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Rollerball - Lost in Space

Lost in Space
by Cullen Balbridge at 16 June 2019, 3:21 AM

ROLLERBALL Is from Queensland Australia. They formed in 1998, and took the name from a 1975 movie, they have been able to reproduce "Lost In Space” 20th anniversary edition as raw as the original with some extra tunes, It also has been released on vinyl. "Jonothan" has a pretty good solid Rock N' Roll intro, cool guitar riff, the vocals are belted out in a punk style, the song punches you in the face. "Lost In Space" starts out with a cool drums and bass with the guitar protruding, It's almost feels like some guys just jamming in a garage, the vocals arrive shortly, leaving me with thoughts of WHITE ZOMBIE. "Dragon" has a punk and alternative thing going on in my opinion.

"Eye Of The STORM" is heavy and fast, It is comparable to ZZ TOP on steroids. "Lowly Sublime" is a bit of a slower song compared to the previous, there is a strong feel of a blues influence standing out in this song. "Lake Of Fire" is another song that leads you to believe that ROLLERBALL are deeply influenced by the blues. "24 HOURS" could not had been done better by the DOORS or ROLLING STONES, that's my way of making a comparison without making a comparison. "Far Away" starts out slow paced and develops into something heavier, it's A rocking song for sure, this my favorite song on the album so far. "Main Frame" is a short song that screams rock n' roll, from the start, racing toward the end. "Gainie's Theme" is a cool ass instrumental, that you can very easily close your eyes and drift away into your thoughts, it also has some cool sound effects incorporated in it. "Grissom" is a short instrumental, that is lacking the coolness of the other.

I don't know what to say about this album, I put it on the back burner after I had listened to it half-heartedly the first few times, not because it sucked, I just didn't feel like it was my thing but after I concentrated on the album to do the review, it somewhat grew on me, if you are a fan of the band's that I mentioned in the review, this album may be up your alley.

Songwriting 6
Originality 5
Memorability 5
Production 6

2 Star Rating

1. Jonothan E
2. Lost In Space
3. Dragon
4. Eye Of The Storm
5. Lowly Sublime
6. Lake Of Fire
7. 24 Hours
8. Far Away
9. Main Frame
10. Gainie's Theme
11. Grissom
Matt Boland - Vocals
Dave Talon - Guitar
Stew Maclennan - Bass
Cam Roach - Drums
Record Label: Volcano Vinyl


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Edited 02 December 2022

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