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Ronnie Adkins - Make It Count Award winner

Ronnie Adkins
Make It Count
by Sarah Tijan at 02 June 2022, 10:13 AM

Ronnie Atkins is no stranger to writing and performing. In 2021 he released his first solo album, with Make It Count being released in 2022. Prior to his solo albums, he has released many albums with the band he cofounded, PRETTY MAIDS, which I have followed and been a huge fan of for years. so to see the release of his second solo album I was ecstatic and looking forward to hearing more of his creative work, branching out from his signature sound with PRETTY MAIDS, which he has done yet again, giving us another well written and produced solo album.

“I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)” starts the album out with gritty vocals, and a hint of that signature metal sound that PRETTY MAIDS were known for yet steers us into the light of AOR glory with magnificent guitar riffs and a beat that continues throughout the track. from the first drum beat to the last, its steady and strong. The vocals are full of passion and warmth that gives you the feeling that you are watching the song be performed only for you.

The warm and a melodic rock flashback of a track “Remain to Remind Me” plays tribute to those before him in melodic rock that took the style to new heights and brought it to the forefront of music with a melody that sticks in your head to the guitar riffs and synth playing, creating a track that stands out with the vocal prowess that Ronnie is known for, giving us a here and now sound that is balanced and filled with bits of each style that he has been a part of.

Mid-album we have “Grace” which takes the melodic rock AOR sound and pushes Ronnie's vocals to the forefront. With heavy melodies pushing the track to perfection, and a calm sound that transpires to a full-on pop driven song that touches your soul and keeps you on your feet wanting to hear more, the lyrics are demanding yet centered, meant for Ronnie and his signature sound.

Not leaving his roots, Ronnie takes the leap into a familiar darker heavier sound with “Blood Cries Out”. With heavier guitar riffs and a bit of the power metal feel to it, yet remaining bonded to the melodic rock feel, you fuel to this track is the signature vocals of Ronnie and the heavy dark guitar riffs, unravel those and you can hear the melodic sound ripple through giving this track a dark and mysterious sound.

The most heartfelt and real track on the album, one that is both beautiful and haunting, uplifting, and emotional all at once “Make It Count” a track that is filled with emotional lyrics with deep meaning, following a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in 2019, and many rounds of treatment, has continued to write and record. “Make It Count” is a reminder that every day is a new day, to give up would be foolish, we may not know what the next day will bring, so make it count. Beyond the lyrics the track is filled with powerful guitar riffs, and a bass-line that flows through the song, from the melodic intro building into the chorus and beyond, the track is a stop you in your tracks emotional stronghold that is brutally honest.

Through my listening of this album, I kept my knowledge of who Ronnie is out of my thoughts, a tried-and-true musician, writer and rock star with many years of experience behind him, he can still tell a story and create haunting lyrics with so much passion and hope, while standing out. Each track on his sophomore album has lyrics that come alive with his voice, Make It Count, is what I believe to be Ronnie's response to his cancer diagnosis, living life to the fullest, creating and living life with passion and no regrets. Make It Count is twelve tracks of inspiration and fuelled by melodic rock and vocal genius, twelve tracks that will live on, and continue to inspire.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)
2. Unsung Heroes
3. Rising Tide
4. Remain to Remind Me
5. The Tracks We Leave Behind
6. All I Ask Of You
7. Grace
8. Let Love Lead The Way
9. Blood Cries Out
10. Easier To Leave (Than Being Left Behind)
11. Fallen
12. Make It Count
Ronnie Atkins - Vocals
Linnea Vikström Egg - Backing vocals
John Berg - Guitars
Olliver Hartmann - Guitars
Pontus Norgren - Guitars
Chris Laney - Guitar, Keyboards
Anders Ringman - Acoustic guitars
Morten Sandager - Keyboards
Pontus Egberg - Bass
Alla Sørensen - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records SRL


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