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Ronnie Atkins - One Shot Award winner

Ronnie Atkins
One Shot
by Kevin Lewis at 05 April 2021, 11:13 AM

RONNIE ATKINS is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who has fronted PRETTY MAIDS for forty years. "One Shot" is his debut solo record. With a distinctly more Hard/Melodic Rock feel, this is a record that reflects his personality on its own, rather than as a member of a group. Many lead singers have done this over the course of time, few as well as this. Frontier Music SRL released "One Shot" on March 12, 2021.

Leading off with the pop-oriented song “Real,” the record begins mellow and catchy. Urging the listener to never settle for second best, the tune is light and upbeat. The blending of guitars and keyboards is excellent. Neither overpower the other. The rhythm, and rhythm section, is killer. They are right on point and lead the transitions with precision and expertise. This is not a “second best” effort.

Jumping down to track three, we get the title track. “One Shot” begins with a gentle piano intro with a hint of keyboard layered underneath. Then you have the vocals; calm and ethereal. That is, until the song kicks in and jumps into overdrive. This song feels personal. With lyrics like “Can’t waste another day” and “What if tomorrow is too late?”, you wonder how much of his personal story is wrapped up in this. This is a song that can felt almost viscerally. It is instantly relatable.

The song that just rockets off the start line is “Before The Rise Of An Empire”. The guitar riff is my favorite on the record. It is catchy and powerful at the same time. The rhythm has some nice variations, and again, the drums and bass lead the way and seem to have some fun doing it. The drums feel like a punctuation mark and the bass just hammers the rhythm home. This feels like the most “complete” song as far as the composition goes, really integrating all the musical elements. This does not mean the other songs are lacking anything, this one is just that good.

Following the quintessential rocker, we have “Miles Away,” a more Pop oriented ballad. Like many other songs before, it tells the loved one that no distance will ever break the bond they have or dim the love they feel. This is a love song that draws the heart along and makes you glad to have that special someone near at hand.

Wrapping this record up is “When Dreams Are Not Enough”. This is another good example of melodic hard rock that has some great tones and a cool beat. The chorus is big and the verses are gritty. It is also about pushing forward and keeping on until you get to the goal. It’s about making dreams a reality. Again, this feels personal.

This record seems cathartic in some ways, like Ronnie Atkins the person, not the band, is exorcising some of his inner demons, like he needed to get this off his chest. And when a record is that personal, it is invariably “Real” like the lead off track says.

The musicians on the record are an all-star ensemble, the vocalist iconic and the songs touch the listeners hearts. The production and mixing/engineering are top notch. This record befits a man of Ronnie’s stature in the industry. The songs feel new and old at the same time, like we are getting a glimpse into his soul, but since we already know him from previous work, we can instantly relate. RONNIE ATKINS really hits the mark with "One Shot".

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Real
2. Scorpio
3. One Shot
4. Subjugated
5. Frequency Of Love
6. Before The Rise Of An Empire
7. Miles Away
8. Picture Yourself
9. I Prophesize
10. One By One
11. When Dreams Are Not Enough
Ronnie Atkins – Lead and Backing Vocals
Chris Laney – Rhythm and Lead Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Anders Ringman – Acoustic Guitar
Morten Sandager – Keyboards
Pontus Egberg – Bass
Allan Sørensen – Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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