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Roots Of Pain - Countdown To Armageddon

Roots Of Pain
Countdown To Armageddon
by Dory Khawand at 27 May 2013, 12:24 PM

So it seems the whole Mayan hype hasn’t quieted down for some people, and ROOTS OF PAIN, the Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore newbies are foretelling the prophecy in a whole new way. "Countdown To Armageddon", the band’s debut is a good display of how melody and aggression can be well mixed together to form one single harsh formula.

What you’ll find on this debut is melodic Death Metal stripped of most of its melodic counterparts, infused with fiery hardcore influences on both guitars and vocals, and the end result, an album to get you on your feet made from a deep dark dungeon / pizziera in Italy. Although, the whole theme of the album is very outdated, it’s still pretty good, but can be uninteresting for tons of listeners, especially since, well, we’re in 2013. I analyzed the lyrics in any case, and the band tries to stay away from the whole 2012 formula.

If you’re into bands like SOILWORK and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, you better check this band out. This debut will surely be an entertaining listen, if not another gem into your collection of new 2013 Metal bands.

4 Star Rating

1. Mayan Truth
2. Cyanotic Aurora
3. Epitaph from the Ancients
4. The Seventh Rage
5. Reverse Chrysopoeia
6. Queen Earth’s Revenge
7. Shadow of Cain
8. Cerebral Disorder
9. The Last Breath before Doomsday
10. Oblivion
Martino Mangi – Bass
Stefano “Ste” Stelluto – Guitars
Marco “Cozza” Benedetto – Guitars
Simone Uchiha “Simo” Stelluto – Drums
Antony “Tonio” Cricket - Vocals
Record Label: Memorial Records


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