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Rosae Crucis - Il Re Del Mondo (CD)

Rosae Crucis
Il Re Del Mondo
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 April 2009, 9:31 AM

ROSAE CRUCIS' album is a punch in the face to all those claiming there was never some interesting Metal music in Italy. The quintet's Il Re Del Mondo album strikes hard and shall let you in no question regarding their motives in the Metal world. Not familiar with their previous works, I was lucky enough to come across the vinyl edition of this album (a re-release, indeed - read below) and, from the acoustic guitar part in the Sacrem Reformationem intro, it was not difficult to expect something surely of interest.
ROSAE CRUCIS breathes life, as a band, for more than 18 years now! Assembled by Andrea Magini (is he the only original member by now?) they released their Il Re Del Mondo demo in 1993. Fighting against lineup changes and the lack of interest by record labels, it was 2003's Worms Of The Earth CD that put the band (back) on the Metal map. Released via Scarlet Records (in Japan a cover version of CIRITH UNGOL's Death Of The Sun was added as a bonus track), it was evident that the remarkable Metal style of ROSAE CRUCIS would soon find its way into 80s Metal fans' ears/hearts. Nowadays, the band accepted the offer to re-record and reissue the songs off their first songs, resulting in the remake of Il Re Del Mondo (plus one bonus track).
The lyrics are in the Italian language; hence, enemies of the language will have a tough time while fans of 'exotic' Metal bands shall smile in delight. Is ROSAE CRUCIS' music to be treated as 'epic' and 'true'? In general, yes. They have these marching MANOWAR-related rhythms, the do not lack choir vocals and battlefield intermezzos, while - for those who are familiar - they do not (or cannot) hide their 'Italian Metal' identity. Speaking of intermezzos, ROSAE CRUCIS do flirt a lot with complex arrangements in their songs, trying to both lash the listener with in-your-face speedy tempos and create majestic/warrior landscapes through diverse orchestrations and tempos exchange. Narrative parts are in the game, too, building up a whole topic of scenes from novels, histories, battles, traditions and journeys. They can really impress the listener with their concerted attack.
To the vocals part: Cialone's singing fits like a glove to the music's requirements. He can handle his voice in comfort and does live to the words' stories. Again: if you cannot stand non-English singing there's nothing to be mentioned here. Still, truth is the vocals section helps equally to construct the basis for the music's magic to be unveiled/spread. And, bear in mind, it's a 1992/1993 demo we're talking about.
Epic melodies/harmonies, 'warrior' vocals, well-structured themes, marching…Il Re Del Mondo is a splendid release for those digging Italian Metal music and want something more powerful than e.g. RHAPSODY. A bonecrushin' Italian Power/Epic Metal album, indeed.

4 Star Rating

Sacrem Reformationem
Rosa Croce
La Chiesa
Contro Il Mio Destino
Il Signore Delle Tempeste
La Sacra Corona
Il Re Del Mondo
Ballo In Fa D Minore
Giuseppe Ciape Cialone - Vocals
Andrea Kiraya Magini - Guitar
Tiziano Azagtoth Marcozzi - Guitar
Daniele Cerqua - Bass
Piero Arioni - Drums
Record Label: Jolly Roger Records


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