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Rose'n - Wake Up!

Wake Up!
by Johnny Jackal at 05 March 2016, 1:01 PM

ROSE'N is an older band that has finally released their first album in the career entitled "Wake Up!". They are veterans of the bar circuit throughout Germany and they finally decided to put out something of their own. This is a throwback to the 80’s and it has a great production, a pleasant surprise to begin the new year. The first song is ‘’Flying’’, this song reminds me a lot of RAINBOW, especially their period with Joe Lynn Turner singing, the guitars are in full effect on this one. The second song is ‘’Table’s Turned’’, I felt this sounded like early GAMMA RAY, the singer changes his vocal style on this one compared to the first song of the album, he sings much more higher than anything else on this album.

The third song is ‘’Tonight’’, it has a very weird intro, and I felt it was a little bit out of place on Heavy Metal/Hard Rock album. The guitars sound a lot like some of the great SURVIVOR songs, the chorus is pretty catchy and this is the most mid-tempo song off of this album. The singer does have trouble keeping his vocals in check. I felt he was really uneven and all over the place, unfortunately. The fourth song is ‘’Take Me To The Top", this track sounds straight out of the 1980’s! I felt this song could have fit well with the early HELLOWEEN, you know, when Kai Hansen was singing for them before WALLS OF JERICHO like ‘’Murderer’’ or ‘’Starlight’’.

The fifth song is ‘’Don’t Rush Ones Fences’’, I felt like I was listening to mid eighties SCORPIONS. This is a good thing, and this reminded me a lot of ‘’Don’t Stop at the Top’’. It has catchy riffs and the backing vocals are really on point as well, alhough I felt the singer had a lot of trouble with his voice again. The sixth song is ‘’Decide It’’, the beginning of the song sounded like some good old ACDC. It has simple but effective guitar riffs, and then it turns to a melodic hard rock song, the rest of the song sounded a lot like WHITESNAKE. The singer sings his heart out and he shows all of his chops on this one.The seventh song is ‘’My Immortal’’, a cover of an EVANESCENCE song. They did a good rendition of it but it lacks the heart, emotion and soul of Amy Lee’s vocal style.

The eighth song is ‘’Dreamer’’, this track could have been a song off of one of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo albums. The solos are awesome and reminded me of the less complicated Yngwie Malmsteen stuff in the early 90’s. The singer sounds like John Arch from FATES WARNING and it’s a great change of pace from the rest of the album. The ninth song is ’’Tales’’ and this song gives way to the guitars and drums in a big way. The singer does not take a lot of place on this one and the rest of the band can really shine, nonetheless it still has a catchy chorus as well. The tenth and last song is ‘’Wake Up’’. This is the title track from this album and the most commercial sounding song of the whole album. It’s slower and it feels like an anthem. The lyrics are great and talk about what we would do if we woke up 1000 years in the future, what would be the effects on the human psyche? It’s a pretty cool concept! "Wake Up!" is a good hard rock album with a refreshing twist!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Flying
2. Table’s Turned
3. Tonight
4. Take Me To The Top
5. Don’t Rush Ones Fences
6. Decide It
7. My Immortal
8. Dreamer
9. Tales
10. Wake Up
Boris Proegler - Vocals
Mike Wolf - Lead Guitar
Mike Vynnez - Guitar
Steven Nicks - Bass
Ralf Taylor – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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