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Roses Never Fade - Devil Dust

Roses Never Fade
Devil Dust
by Simone Barton at 19 November 2014, 11:13 PM

It’s clear straight away in the opening song “To Valleys and Shadows” that ROSES NEVER FADE are trying to create a dark and brooding atmosphere with their new album. For me, it didn’t quite work, the static muffled sounds that last a long 5 minutes are interesting for a fifth of that time and after that it just gets boring as you wait for some vocals or maybe even some instrumentals but neither comes. After listening to the opening, if you managed to sit and listen to the whole track, you hope that you didn’t waste your time and that the rest of the album has something special to come.

Finally something worthwhile actually happens in second track “Vanishing Twilight”, this track puts across the acoustic sound the band was going for with this album, however it does sound a little Parisian with creepy whispering vocals on top. The little brooding atmosphere created in the opening song is lost in the second and loses a bit as the album goes on, that being said the chorus of vocals that appear in certain tracks do sound like they would fit in at an old church so perhaps if you find those melancholic then the album is portraying what it’s supposed to.

I would say that “Devil Dust” may be that album everyone forgets about for ROSES NEVER FADE, whether that be deliberate or not, as it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Although the simplicity of the album is a nice break from the overly produced albums a lot of bands release now-a-days there are a lot of better Acoustic Neofolk albums out there that will actually make an impact. “Devil Dust” is definitely not the best and most influential albums I’ve ever heard, but I wouldn’t say it’s completely terrible it’s just bland and simple, and doesn’t have any kick to it that will leave you there wanting more.

2 Star Rating

1. To Valleys and Shadows
2. Vanishing Twilight
3. Every Heart That Will Break
4. Staring At The Sun
5. Hope Has Left Today
6. Incandescent Dreams
7. With Each Passing Wave
8. Your Life To Take
9. In Her Arms
10. Devil Dust
Nick Fiction - Guitars
Nathan Opposition - Vocals
Austin Rathmell - Vocals
Record Label: Neuropa Records


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