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Rothadás – Kopár Hant…Az Alvilág Felé Award winner

Kopár Hant…Az Alvilág Felé
by Justin Joseph at 27 December 2021, 9:42 PM

creations are meant to be felt rather than observed, for you cannot delineate to another about the sensation of having the bare feet touch the waters of a river, yes, you can describe the refreshing stimulation upon the flesh, but such pleasures can only be experienced. But what about the emotions that we wish not to be unearthed, how can a tongue express the venom that burns every word that is spoken forth, how does one arrange a blackened sky to bleed that which can only be seen by the blind?

"Kopár hant… az alvilág felé" by ROTHADÁS manages to erect an entity that engulfs the listener's senses, drowning one in an ocean of despair, where the currents lashing against the soul are felt with every note that is churned forth. For at it's very core, it is an album that bares it's weeping stigmata where the wound pulsates, seeping into the soil with every emotion that is conjured upon each track.

Where the album thrives is found within the slower interjections throughout each song, for I believe it is within these moments that exude the most emotional content for tracks such as ,"Utolsó kenet"and "Koporsószeg"can be likened to that of nails that dig slower into the flesh where the searing paralyzing pain is felt in waves as the wrought iron pierces the skin producing pools of crimson within gaping wounds. To me, this is the sincerity that is manifested from these offerings, for it cocoons the listener's senses in a Cimmerian womb where you become assimilated into the very aura that is birthed.

In other words, the sheer beauty that ROTHADÁS expels is the ability to convey these harrowing spells through each note, where these emotions are now granted speech through the musical abilities displayed upon the album.

Another standout moment that graces the album is found in it's faster moments, for instance, the track, "Kripta" , even though it's structural composition is that of Death/Doom elements the faster components feels not forced or tacked on rather they give the essence of emotions that has contorted and transmogrified into a virulent entity, for it is as though the veins of sorrow has been infected with the venom of anger where lament has shed its skin leaving behind a ravenous beast who spews spittle towards the sky as it curses everything forged from that of purity.

Even though the instrumental compositions produce the atmosphere needed for this album's spirit to dwell, it is the vocals that springs forth life to these passages. The vocals give the scenery of a serpent that slithers out from the maw of an impious beast as he speaks forth his diatribe that pierces the sky in it's vulgar delectation.

ROTHADÁS has accomplished the feat of taking the moment of despair and magnifying that emotion where it feels as though the birth of suffering and grief has been slowed down…the result? "Kopár hant… az alvilág felé" an album that explores the depths of this stygian river.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1.Utolsó kenet
Tibor Hanyi - Bass, Guitars
Lambert Lédeczy - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Me Saco un Ojo Records


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