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Rottenbroth – Necroceremony Vomitorium

Necroceremony Vomitorium
by Thomas Kumke at 31 October 2021, 9:29 PM

ROTTENBROTH hailing from Salvador Bahia, Brazil were formed in 2014. They are an old school Death Metal band and released one EP back in 2016. “Necroceremony Vomitorium” is the band’s debut full-length album. It has a length of more than 38 minutes and was released via Chinese label Awakening Records which has a number of Thrash, Death, and Power Metal bands among their roster. There is no official video release from this album so far.

I believe it is very though to create ground-breaking new stuff within the genre of old school Death Metal. There are too many bands around for more than 30 years. Even in Brazil, there are plenty of old school Death Metal bands and ROTTENBROTH is one of them. Given that, it may be better not trying to reinvent the wheel and that is exactly what the Brazilians do. It took them a while to come up with their first full-length album and “Necroceremony Vomitorium” delivers everything what the traditional Death Metal fan wants to hear: heavy and grim guitar riffing, crunching bass lines, bludgeoning drums, and spine-chilling growls and screams. The opening title track provides already a sample of all this, although the Death Metal assault starts a bit subdued in mid-tempo with occasional periods of an increased pace. “Old Wizard” is of different calibre. After a slow and doom-laden start, it transitions into a fast pummelling with sharp guitar riffs, blast-beat sequences, and a mix of growls and screams. The vocals are around the medium and of the guttural range throughout with little variation. “Old Wizard” has a few variations in tempo but maintains a simple and straight-forward structure. “Purulent” continues with the breakneck speed and manages to include a short, but contributing lead guitar solo despite the short length.

ROTTENBROTH use all the Death Metal equipment including movie samples so in “Cognitive Pathology Sound Primary” and “Cognitive Pathology Sound Intermediate”. While the “Primary” track would surely not be missed if it would not be on the album, the “Intermediate” track is one of the highlights on “Necroceremony Vomitorium”. It has the darkness and aggression in the riffing including a few “Swedish” vibes, the speed, the double-bass drumming and also the growling vocals fit in very well. “1922” slows down with the tempo even though there is a short period of speed attack. The structure of “1922” is a bit more complex, more distorted and it provides a chilling and doomy atmosphere.

Carcass Epidemiology” and “Bizarre Depression” need some time to come to life. Both start with an extended mid-tempo part which provides a grim atmosphere with the guitars, bass, and drums. Unfortunately, the vocals do not fit well in creating darkness. They fit better in the second part of “Carcass Epidemiology” where the tempo is at very high pace. “Bizarre Depression” is a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of the speed, mid-tempo parts frequently switch with high-speed attacks. Although the structure of the seven minutes' track “Bizarre Depression” is fairly complex, the riffing and the sound is kept very simple. The album closes with an AUTOPSY cover from their first full-length album which is very well arranged and executed.

Necroceremony Vomitorium” is a solid debut album. It follows the path of traditional Death Metal with all its rawness and without compromise. The few highlights on the album are the pummelling, blisteringly fast tracks on the album. The sound on the album is kept very simple and I think there is room for improvement in songwriting. The album is well produced. ROTTENBROTH are one of many players on the traditional Death Metal front and time will tell whether they will succeed. In the meantime, “Necroceremony Vomitorium” is surely worth to give it a listen.

Songwriting:  6
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  5
Production:  8


3 Star Rating

1. Necroceremony Vomitorium
2. Old Wizard
3. Purulent
4. Cognitive Pathology Sound Primary
5. Cognitive Pathology Sound Intermediate
6. 1922
7. Carcass Epidemiology
8. Bizarre Depression
9. Gasping For Air (AUTOPSY cover)
Danilo Vagner – Vocals, Guitars
Diego Corpsegrinder – Drums
Vito Giovanni – Bass
Record Label: Awakening Records


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