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Rottenness - Violentopia

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 August 2022, 1:53 PM

No one can deny that bands as NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, MORTICIAN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, EXHUMED and others gave a strong contribution to the creation of the blend between Death Metal subgenres with Grindcore, even when they weren’t aware of that in the years they were only beginning their careers (and ripping ears apart, of course). And one of their heirs is here to show what they’re about: the serial killers of ROTTENNESS, of Mexico, that are about another strike with “Violentopia”.

As the words above stated clearly, the quintet’s music is based on a brutal and bonesmashing mix between Grindcore with Brutal Death Metal. It means that they are playing sometimes fast and nasty, but there are moments when things are slower and oppressive. But even with such words stating that their music is simple to describe (and being honest, nothing that wasn’t heard before), it doesn’t mean that they’re lack of value or identity. It’s full of energy and with many hooks that are hard to resist, so let the massacre begin! One of the greatest features of “Violentopia” is the sound quality, because the quintet brought the hands (not literally, please) of Rob Caldwell (mixing) and Davide Billia (mastering), and they built something that’s brutal and aggressive, but defined in every moment, with good and dry instrumental tunes. And what lovely piece of art is on this great cover created by Mark Cooper.

Be prepared, because these ‘despiadados’ of Grindcore are here to make ears bleed and bones break. Just take a bit on the massacre of “Altered Cabrón” and “Tripping Corpse” (very good fast Grindcore tempos on both songs, boosted by insane and hooking guitar riffs and arrangements), “Immersion in Trauma” (this one is more into a classic Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal approach, with very good contrasts between screams and grunts), “Paranoid Butcher… Nightmare Killing Spree” (the tempos used in some moments are nearer of the roots of Death Metal, on others are faster, but always keeping the weight, so bass guitar and drums are really working in a great way), “Bitchmade at Birth” (this one shows the use of Groove entwined with Brutal Death Metal moments, with very good vocals once more), “Violentopía” (a classic Grindcore drilling screw into the ears, with great guitar riffs and arrangements), “Gringocide”, and their version for MOLOTOV’s “Chinga tu Madre”.

If you’re an Old School Grindcore fan, just take a bite on “Violentopia” and you won’t regret the experience. After all, ROTTENNESS keeps things classic as it can. Oh, the guests on the album are Blake Harrison (of PIG DESTROYER, HATEBEAK, and others) on the noise on “Intro - Tzompatli”, Brian Hopp (guitarist of CEPHALIC CARNAGE) on the guitars of “Napalm Meth”, and Dr. Padilla of LURID MEMORY and UNIDAD TRAUMA on the guest vocals on “Muerte a los Conquistadores” and “Chiga Tu Madre”.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro - Tzompatli
2. Altered Cabrón
3. Tripping Corpse
4. Immersion in Trauma
5. Dragged Across Concrete
6. Paranoid Butcher… Nightmare Killing Spree
7. Muerte a los Conquistadores
8. Bitchmade at Birth
9. Violentopía
10. Napalm Meth
11. A Perpetual State of Destruction
12. Gringocide
13. Chinga tu Madre
Matti “Niño” Guey - Vocals
Ray Nevison - Guitars
Jaleel Castillo - Guitars
Karl Schmidt - Bass, Vocals
Matt Johnson - Drums
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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