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Rotting Christ – Lucifer Over Athens Award winner

Rotting Christ
Lucifer Over Athens
by Lotty Whittingham at 15 August 2015, 10:02 AM

Choosing to watch Sophie Lancaster headliners ROTTING CHRIST over Ronnie James Dio stage DOWN at Bloodstock 2014 proved to be an intelligent decision on my part as I ended up discovering a new favourite band in the process. Their dark and beautiful approach to their music is incredibly hypnotic; this only encouraged me to delve deeper into the darkness of Extreme Metal and showed me that beauty is often found in negative spaces.

For those living under a rock for the past 27 years ROTTING CHRIST are a Black/Dark Metal quartet hailing from Athens, Greece. They have toured many countries outside Greece including both Americas, Russia, UK and Malta; touring with the likes of NILE, MY DYING BRIDE, TRISTANIA and BEHEMOTH. In their 27 years of touring and album making they are due to release their very first live album titled “Lucifer Over Athens” which contains many delights for fans old and new. These treasures include songs from their early demos to their latest releases.

However you decide to listen to this live album it will have you glued from the moment you press play; the high quality tight sound and just the sheer beauty of their dark music is more than enough to send shivers down your spine. Starting off with my personal favourite track “6 6 6” saw goosebumps appearing all over my arms from the first few seconds as this icy presence in the vibe was just outstanding.

A live album is almost like a spellbinding version of a fan’s favourites mixed CD; this certainly proved to be the case with ROTTING CHRIST, from the profound depths of “Thy Mighty Contact” to the freshly surfaced “Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού” this Greek quartet offer the full package of a live show set list. From “The Sign Of Evil Existence” to “Welcome To Hel” there is a chance for those newer fans of the bands to explore more into their beautiful sound.

Ending on the fist-pumping and sweeping melody “Noctis Era” was the cherry on top of this fantastic album.

There we have it; if you wish to experience a fulfilling ride of exhilarating thrills then by all means I recommend this beautiful masterpiece. To say this will give you a gratifying live experience is an understatement; this live album will give you so much more. My heart is still racing after listening to this invigorating work of art.

5 Star Rating

CD 1

1. 6 6 6
2. Dub-Sag-Ta-Ke
3. Athanatoi Este
4. Kata Ton Demona Eaftou
5. Nemecic
6. After Dark I Feel
7. Sorrowfull Farewell
8. Among Two Storms
9. Gloria De Domino Inferni
10. Feast Of The Grand Whore
11. The Nereid Of Esgalduin
12. Forest Of N’Gai
13. The Sign Of Evil Existence
14. Transform All Sufferings Into Plagues
15. Fgmenth, Thy Gift
16. Societas Santanas

CD 2

1. Demonon Vrosis
2. Quintessence
3. The Call Of The Aethyrs
4. In Yumen – Xibalba
5. Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
6. Welcome To Hel
7. King Of A Stellar War
8. Archon
9. Exiled Archangels
10. Dive The Deepest Abyss
11. The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
12. The Sign Of Prime Creation
13. Non Serviam
14. Enuma Elish
15. Noctis Era
Sakis Tolis – Vocals, Guitars
George Emmanouel – Guitars
Van Ace – Bass
Themis Tolis – Drums 
Record Label: Seasons Of Mist


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