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Rotting Christ - Theogonia (Reissue) Award winner

Rotting Christ
Theogonia (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 October 2019, 6:17 AM

Reissues are motivated by the lack of enough physical copies of an album, and the search for them by the fans. It happens in the entire world, and Brazil isn’t different from others in this point. Then the Brazilian label Cold Art Industry Records took the responsibilities of reissuing some of these rare albums. And after excellent version for “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers”, “A Dead Poem” and “Genesis” (all of them with bonus tracks and different artworks on booklets, and even with slipcases), the label is releasing “Theogonia”, another classic from Greek Black Metal spearhead ROTTING CHRIST.

“Theogonia” came to the world on 2007, three years after the release of “Sanctus Diavolos”. And on this time, the band changed some members, and appeared on a new label. All these changes showed a band with renewed energy, with an album that has elements from all their previous eras (the dirty and sinister ambiences from its earlier times with the elegance and musical refinement that came after, now improved by an epic outfit (due the influences of traces of Ethnic Metal). It has the same personality, the use of levels of energy that could melt the VU meters, along with charming somber melodies. And all these elements brought a new life to the band, a new vigor that could spam ROTTING CHRIST career for more years. And of course that the use of Hesiod’s epic poem called “Theogony” (what means “the genealogy or birth of the gods”), and its content is the genealogy and birth of Greek Mythologic gods.

The production of “Theogonia” has two parts: the sound quality and the artwork. The sound quality was created by Sakis himself (who produced, mixed and mastered the album) and Aris Christou (the sound engineer, and who give a helping hand on the mixing as well) is something that is far from the usual. Running away from the sound quality models for Black Metal, it has a complete Classic Rock/Hard Rock outfit, what means that it is organic and spontaneous, but always being clear and defined. For pioneers that aren’t afraid of exploring unknown possibilities, it’s easy to pulverize limits and create. The artwork is amazing. A completely new graphic art was created by the cover and booklet, being a clear reference for Greek Mythology, all on a varnished resistant paper. There are two versions for this Brazilian release: a Digipak format that comes with a poster and a sticker; and the deluxe version in jewelcase format that comes in a wooden box with everything described above and with a guitar pick from Sakis.

Musically, “Theogonia” seems like a compendium of the musical elements presented in every release of the band until 2004, added by Epic/Ethnic Metal nuances. “ΧΑΟΣ ΓΕΝΕΤΟ (The Sign of Prime Creation)” and “Keravnos Kivernitos” are two mighty songs of the band, both being fast and with elegant traces (on the second, some double guitars can be heard), “Nemecic” with its slow tempos and somber melodies are a constant song on the band’s live shows (and its filled with excellent guitars), “Enuma Elish” is another fast and aggressive song with some choirs, and “Phobos’ Synagogue” has a slower outfit with an ambience that can remind “Non Serviam” ages due its darkened insight. “Gaia Tellus” shows ferocious vocals with a sharp slower rhythm. On the short song “Rege Diabolicus”, a piledriving rhythmic work can be heard from the drums and bass guitar, but with fine guitar arrangements. “He, the Aethyr” brings remembrances from the band’s earlier albums, with a crude/Epic insight, as “Helios Hyperion” carries a somber ambience, even being a fast song filled with nasty voices, with a Greek Black Metal brand being perceptible. And “Threnody” is an Epic Black Metal song that shows ambiences that sound, at the same time, somber and melancholic.

So “Theogonia” shows a band with a new vigor, ready to conquer even more, and shows as well that ROTTING CHRIST wasn’t dead or “outdated”. And its musical content (that is excellent) is point for charming and great future.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. ΧΑΟΣ ΓΕΝΕΤΟ (The Sign of Prime Creation)
2. Keravnos Kivernitos
3. Nemecic
4. Enuma Elish
5. Phobos’ Synagogue
6. Gaia Tellus
7. Rege Diabolicus
8. He, the Aethyr
9. Helios Hyperion
10. Threnody
Sakis Tolis - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Themis Tolis - Drums
Andreas Lagios - Bass
Record Label: Cold Art Industry Records


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