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Roxin' Palace - Roxin' Palace Award winner

Roxin' Palace
Roxin' Palace
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 05 August 2013, 3:50 PM

Glam, Hair, Sleaze and all these kinds of Metal originally spurted from the US, yet over the years there have been quite good examples and solid releases out of Scandinavian lands. Nonetheless, Glam is global, ROXIN’ PALACE rise from Italy, yet another Metal juggernaut usually oriented with Power Metal with bands like RHAPSODY (OF FIRE) just for a quick instance.

Emerging with a self-titled debut album consisting with ten tracks that supposed to shock your life into Glam ecstasy, ROXIN’ PALACE has what it takes. Through the first listen amazingly “Relaxin’ Shok 108” is a SKID ROW, a sort of a copy, yet a great song with nice guitar and a hell of a vocal section, yes Axel and no we are not talking about Axel Rose from GUNS N' ROSES so please don’t get it wrong. No doubt a great leader and a profound frontman.

“Viper’s Advice” is yet another great song with some special guitar riffing that brings back the good vibes of Glam Metal and yes like any good Glam album there is a great weeping ballad. On our case it goes to “Gothic L.A.”. Can’t say much about it though, it’s a classic ballad song with nice guitar riffs and a whining lead guitar squeak of a solo and of course catchy lyrics

In overall, I liked what I listened, a fine addition to the contemporary Glam Metal robustness though not being a world changer and needs just a tad of punch. I am sure that the chicks will dig it, and would probably be attending in numbers for the live act.

Almost forgot, don’t miss “Empty Virus” and “Tears On The Road” both  great songs, “Tears On The Road” better played while driving.

4 Star Rating

1. Roxin’ Palace
2. Wildest Party
3. Relaxin’ Shok 108
4. We Are Losing Both
5. Viper’s Advice
6. Gothic L.A.
7. Empty Virus
8. Collapsin’ Parks
9. Modern Middle Ages
10. Tears On The Road 
Axel - Vocals
Crown - Guitars
Slaver - Guitars
Garrett - Bass
Hell - Drums
Record Label: SAOL Music


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