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Roxxcalibur – Lords Of NWOBHM Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 June 2011, 9:18 AM

NWOBHM is back and not because of an old British band making a comeback, but in the shape of a re-recordings compilation made by the loving hands of Germans and surprisingly not Brits. At first I thought that this was a British pack that threw the velvet glove as a fact of the Metal world's face by bringing back the type of Metal that started everything in the late 70s and early 80s. However, I was wrong. This time, as if it hasn't been happening for quite a while, the Germans outlasted the Brits by reminding their true Metal heritage for them. For that I salute the ROXXCALIBUR machine.

As of today, the band has two studio albums that consist of rare NWOBHM tracks from a variety of bands that once ruled the day. Some continued on living and some died out after a few years. Whether alive or dead, ROXXCALIBUR kept their material breathing and even with the suitable grounds, once made by Uwe Lulis (Ex-GRAVE DIGGER, Ex-REBELLION) and now, on "Lords Of NWOBHM", by the legendary producer Chris Tsangarides that enabled them the true British sound of the early 80s. I must admit that the ROXXCALIBUR's sound was amazing and rather addictive. It was like being sucked in back to the early Metal days yet without the old studio interference patterns that once were on a few of the recordings. Here everything was polished and clean thus making the listening experience even greater.

I can definitely say that the entire selection of tracks chosen by the band for this effort were excellent. Furthermore, the performance of the band, whether it’s the great vocals of VIRON's voice, Alexx Stahl, awesome NWOBHM duo guitarists, Kalli & Dequis, Long's attacking bass and Neudi's classic drumming, was beyond expectation. They actually reflected the same feel of music as it was back in the past without signaling that they are from the present.

As for the tracks, I truly admired most the covers. The greatest works were with HOLLOW GROUND's with "Flying High", the catchy old tune of "Hellbound" by TYGERS OF PAN TANG, and the power of what is ultimate on "Music Power" originally by OXYM. ROXXCALIBUR also made a fine tribute to SAXON with a track that was never officially released, "Lift Up Your Eyes".  However this one didn't have the feeling of SAXON, ROXXCALIBUR raised hell with this awesome piece. With those greatest diamonds, I urge you to take on this entire release and have your way with it.

ROXXCALIBUR made Metal history come alive once again with another release that honors the Muthas of Metal. British Metal never sounded as great as it was on this new release of "Lords Of NWOBHM". I hope that with all of their vintage enthusiasm, ROXXCALIBUR will try to compose some original tracks that should show their genius under the old spirit. 

4 Star Rating

1. London Bridge Is Falling Down (Intro)
2. Atomic Rock (More)
3. Heads Will Roll (Satan)
4. Flying High (Hollow Ground)
5. Day To Day (Cryer)
6. If Heaven Is Hell (Tokyo Blade)
7. Lift Up Your Eyes (Saxon)
8. Satan's Serenade (Quartz)
9. Hellbound (Tygers Of Pan Tang)
10. Music Power (Oxym)
11. Angel Of Death (Sparta)
12. A Face In The Crowd (Saracen)
13. Battlescarred (Blood Money)
14. Stage Fright (Witchfynde)
15. At War With Satan (Preview)(Venom)
Neudi- Drums
Alexx Stahl- Vocals
Mario Long- Bass
Roger Dequis- Guitar
Kalli- Guitar
Record Label: Limb Music


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