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Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM For Muthas (CD)

NWOBHM For Muthas
by Grigoris Chronis at 06 May 2009, 2:37 PM

Long live the most fascinating Metal genre? Yes, long live! Does the 'NWOBHM' term refer mostly to an entire era and not - by any means - to a specific sound or style? Or vice versa? Or both, or none? In any case, the period/sound/patterns responsible for the glorious 80s Metal years (and beyond, for sure) is celebrated by this release made in Germany by ROXXCALIBUR. The quintet already performed a NWOBHM 30th anniversary set at this year's 'Keep It True' festival - featuring many special guests from British Metal bands of the time - and now offers its first (and hope not last) 'tribute' disc piece.
Saw the band at 'Keep It True' fest and can confirm they really have a solid lineup. Reading members of excellent German metallers VIRON are included in the band's ranks did enrich my natural impression that the audio disc will haunt me down, too. And so was it: thirteen tracks from the NWOBHM era re-played by ROXXCALIBUR in a strictly 'Metal' production and interpretation, in a way younger metalheads mumbling bout the over-retro sound of the originals will surely find more love in these remakes plus the oldest clans shall raise their fist in loyalty.
Of course, if you miss an IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST or DIAMOND HEAD version over here it's none else but you to blame. Why? Simply because you can find countless other takes in the Metal chronicles that one more would not mean anything at all. Why - on the other hand - did not the band include my or your or our personal NWOBHM faves in this CD? Yeap, I'm pretty sure they'd also like to; then we should be prepared for e.g. a 16-disc boxset. Hence, I believe that - no matter the songlist - it's the motive that should be treated with interest and warmth, to say the least.
So, the original creators of all the magnificent tunes here listed are mentioned in the tracklist section above. At least 3 tracks should be known also by Metal fans who are not too much into NWOBHM. And there are another 3 tracks which are only known by those who are collectors…willing to pay a lot of money for a 7 single, Neudi says and I can 100% (proof? Haha…) agree with his saying. ROXXCALIBUR presents a striking set with a good mood 'visible' and some really fitting fills were needed (in end parts, leads themes etc). I'd distinguish the takes on Spirit Of The Chateaux, Destiny, Seven Days Of Splendour, Let It Loose and Lady Of Mars since the originals are personal favorites, but I think that the whole set smells class and dignity. If I'd complain for something, that would only be the - mediocre, in my opinion - version of Axe Crazy
Nuff said: if 'you re a NWOBHM devotee then NWOBHM For Muthas is a 'must have' release. The same goes for the ones wanting to see how these Brtisih Metal classics would sound in a more 'Metal as we know it' tune (tha CD is produced by by Uwe Lulis - GRAVE DIGGER, REBELLION, SIEGES EVEN etc). The cover, designed by the one and only Rodney Matthews (TYGERS OF PAN TANG, ASIA, MAGNUM, PRAYING MANTIS, THIN LIZZY, NAZARETH, SCORPIONS, ELOY, DIAMOND HEAD), does nothing less than preceding the epos inside in the most appropriate way, while liner notes from members of the original bands are also included in the booklet.
I see - beyond and above all - this release as a (last?) chance for the newer generation to witness and 'grab' the mastery of some really original music first crafted 25-30 years ago. As for ROXXCALIBUR; dunno if they're a permanent band or an one-off project, but let's really hope they'll achieve presenting themselves as some kind of 'reminding' encyclopedia in reference to the NWOBHM magic every now and then.

4 Star Rating

Big Ben
Running For The Line (JJ'S POWERHOUSE)
The Gates Of Gehenna (CLOVEN HOOF)
Seven Days Of Splendour (JAMESON RAID)
Rainbow Warrior (BLEAK HOUSE)
Axe Crazy (JAGUAR)
Lady Of Mars (DARK STAR)
Destiny (TRIDENT)
War Of The Ring (ARC)
Witchfinder General (WITCHFINDER GENERAL)
Let It Loose (SAVAGE)
Angel Of Fear (RADIUM)
Spirit Of The Chateaux (CHATEAUX)
See You In Hell (GRIM REAPER)
Alexx Stahl - Vocals
Roger Dequis - Guitars
Roxx Kalli - Guitars
Mario Long - Bass
Neudi - Drums
Record Label: Limb Music


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