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RPWL - Wanted Award winner

by Daniel Fox at 27 February 2014, 2:39 PM

Finding myself listening to modern Prog Rock is actually quite a rare occurrence; and I don't mean the wave of new bands that play 70's Psyche-Sludge. Germany's RPWL have recently released what is perhaps their most ambitious album to date; "Wanted" is a concept album that deals with spiritual liberation, and the intension thereof. What better way to do that than to write a Prog Rock album about it? In case you were wondering: yes, the PINK FLOYD influence is most definitely there, and it is most welcome.

The first track, "Revelation" is an instrumental track that gently and gradually breaks the album open and out of its shell, fragment-by-fragment. It is dominated by a cutely-obnoxious and teasingly-monotonous keyboard motif. The track is incredibly well-mixed and mastered with a very clean-cut delivery from each of the timbres; the drumming in particular shines through and is well-crafted. The track that immediately follows, "Swords and Guns", is kept predominantly at a middle tempo; at over 8 minutes long, it breaks up lengthy, proggy interludes with infectious sing-along choruses. The keyboards’ arrangements in this track are superb and never grow old and tiresome, as may often be the case in Progressive music; the varying effects are used intelligently, and are not 'there' just to be 'there'.

"Hide and Seek" is an unpredictable and esoteric beauty amongst this album that perfectly balances tender, acoustic passages with raucous and heavy rock runs that contain powerful riffs and beautiful keyboard melodies. Yogi's voice is a perfect accompaniment to the music that this album delivers and is able to apply himself to a diverse range of moods within tracks as ever-changing as this one. "Perfect Day" is, by a thread, my favorite track on the album. It opens with very much a 70's Funk-filled groove brought about by a liquid flow of bass and keyboard and lead guitar that cuts through like a knife. It is 'happy-music' at its finest; not at all corny, and backed up by a special, sufficiently technical delivery that only a Progressive band could bring.

This album provides a most enjoyable break from the more metallic Progressive music I'm used to; I'm confident that were they around in the 70's, would be up there with PINK FLOYD and FOCUS. But, being a present day Prog band, they are able to bring something fresh and exhilarating to the table.

4 Star Rating

1. Revelation
2. Swords and Guns
3. A Clear Cut Line
4. Wanted
5. Hide and Seek
6. Disbelief
7. Misguided Thought
8. Perfect Day
9. The Attack
10. A New Dawn
Yogi Lang – Vocals, Keyboards
Kalle Wallner – Guitar
Markus Jehle – Keyboards
Marc Turiaux – Drums
Werner Taus – Bass
Record Label: Gentle Art Of Music


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