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Rubikon – Delta

by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 06 December 2015, 6:31 PM

RUBIKON is a Rock and Roll band based out of the United States. “Delta” contains nine tracks.

“Live That Lie” leads off the album. Though the main riff is dissonant, the mid-tempo pacing and soulful singing remind me of classic Southern Rock. The chorus brings some melody into the fold as well. “Three Days” by contrast is like an old Blues tune, complete with traditional organ and a swing that sounds like something THE DOORS would have written back in the day. “Vipers” has a similar tempo and display of keys. The slide guitar seems to complete the sound that they are aiming for. “Sermon” is exactly the title that I would use to describe this song. Opening with a Blues lick and possessing a slow, low and grinding guitar riff with the bass holding the bottom end strongly, it has a soul-bearing story to tell. “Swingers” relies a lot on slide guitar and large doses of vocals to carry forth the sound. The chorus shines nicely here with the addition of background vocals.

The acoustic guitar in “Wasting Time” is like walking into a watering hole in the middle of a long stretch of road through the desert. As you slowly sip your whiskey, your blues begin to slip away. “Captain Deep” has a little more crunch and low end bombast, akin to Sludge or Stoner type Rock and Roll. The frenzied lead breaks are moving. “Through the Looking Glass” sound more bright and positive, especially in how the keys are applied, sounding almost like bells. The dual vocal harmonies add some nice texture to the piece. Closing the album is the song “Pretty Pretty.” Heavy percussion strikes at the beginning a sign of the increased speed and energy that is to follow.

Overall I find this to be a straightforward and honest take on traditional Rock and Roll. The vocals and emotional feel are to me the best qualities of the album. However, it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of originality.

3 Star Rating

1. Live That Lie
2. Three Days
3. Vipers
4. Sermon
5. Swingers
6. Wasting Time
7. Captain Deep
8. Through the Looking Glass
9. Pretty Pretty
Jae – Vocals
Josh – Guitars
DR – Guitars
Hubes – Bass
Diggs – Drums
Record Label: Round Hill Records


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