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Rublood - Star Vampire

Star Vampire
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 07 October 2013, 7:09 PM

Sometimes, trends emerge and disappear, leaving orphan legions of fans, and some good works draws into the depths of must unknown underground scene. And it’s pity, even if the dear reader doesn’t like that kind of music. But luckily, some bands still try hard to keep themselves alive, and one name that deserves our attention is the Italian quintet RUBLOOD, who comes with their first album, “Star Vampire”.

It’s an intelligent and versatile mix between Industrial Metal and some aspects of Gothic Rock here and there, being in the same vein of bands like DEATHSTARS, but more heavy and sounding more Metal than HIM and NINE INCH NAILS, with good and heavy weight melodies, strong guitar riffs, drum and bass in harmony, and vocals with hard screams and melodic ones, and charming keyboards. But these guys know how to make a heavy and catching sound, no doubt about this.

Good sound production, making all instruments and musical diversity is clear, but keeping it heavy all the time, and a good artwork is seeing on cover, so, we can expect something good from hearing their work (but to the ones who look at photos and try to label a band just for it, remember that this kind of act is for sissies, so, sit down and listen).

When “Star Vampire” starts, be sure to have patience, for the first impression can astonish you, but when get used, for sure you’ll like it a lot, especially for tracks like the accessible and heavy “Heart” (it reminds of some Gothic touches of bands like THE SISTERS OF MERCY in the middle of heavy and pounding sound and good vocals), the more hypnotic “Through The Looking Glass” (where the Industrial influences come more clear), the Gothic Rock and almost Pop ones “Electro Starfuckers” and “Rainfall” (please, leave aside your preconceptions here. Pleasure is guaranteed here), the vicious and nasty “True Blood” (take note of the very good work of vocals and keyboards), and the intense “Goth Love”. But all tracks are fine, so, hear them and get yourselves drawn in good music.

Honestly, I can’t wait for something new out of them.

4 Star Rating

1. Star Vampire
2. Heart
3. Through The Looking Glass
4. Electro Starfuckers
5. Rainfall
6. True Blood
7. Policy Of Truth
8. Negative Bride
9. Goth Love
10. Ignition
11. In Love We Trust
Ruben Roll – Vocals, keyboards
Billy Russian – Guitars
J.A.C. – Guitars
L Daniels – Bass
Demon G – Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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