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Ruckwater - Supernova

by Dani Bandolier at 30 August 2020, 2:16 PM

“Supernova” is the starburst bloom from RÜCKWATER (2010), a flower power trio formed in Tampere, Suomi (Finland) a decade ago. The band has a dynamic bond featuring brothers Markku on guitar and Jarno on drums as well as two lead singers standing tall center stage, they being Markku and bass wrangler Jussi. That’s how the Finns do it, everything you need and nothing you do not – the people that had no letter ‘f’ in their original alphabet know a little bit about this rock music stuff …

I’m gonna see you later … later … ‘Rat in a Jar’ riffs and rolls to get our wee noggins a-nodding with a hoppy beat hammered down by Jarno MacKone. At 3 minutes and 38 seconds this is not a long song, but it cops a few different grooves by the time it ends feeling like you have covered musical ground, especially at 2:30 where we get a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE big feet-skinny legs guitar riff – the kind of riff that changes your day.

Aside from the Sabbathy lick in the beginning of the song and a decidedly slick turn at the end, ‘Cruel Thing’ is a sub-MÖTORHEAD no-knock door kicker and crikey, I like the vocals on these songs. Being a lead throat meself, I like to point out when somebody rings the bell and good golly miss molly, these lads sure like to bawl viva voice. ‘Once More With Feeling’ - I dig the warped BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE lick that unbolts the song and drops in-between the verses. The lead vocals remind me of Blackie Lawless with one part evil and one part demon, shaken and stirred, and this song I Doth Proclaim My Favourite Sick Beat. ‘Broken Stone’ deals TOOL calling cards from the bottom of the deck with the lead singer doubled-down on Maynard vocal flourish. ‘Foreverplay’ has a RAMONES cotton candy refrain of Forever We Play that brings a tear to me peepers … gawd do I miss the RAMONES, gawd do I miss the RAMONES.

‘Blindfold’ is all cracking snare and uptempo KISS riff-n-roll nursing the mother’s milk lead vox that sound like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley doing Paul Stanley their ‘Cold Gin’ two-man rock’n’roll ringmaster act. ‘Paragon of Bullshit’ swerves deep into NIRVANA-land and hits below the belt with libertine vocals kicking both warbles to the dirt while serving up both peeled tree bark love and moonshine sopor. ‘Rocket Fuel’ is all about the dope … getting’ high in space … and once again, I get a wee dose of KISS drift on this song from the lead voxxer that channels Gene. ‘3/1’ closes the release out with a looping introspective pointing one foot into the ballad outback then multiplying to a Mad Max Thunderdome finnish … see what I did there?

RÜCKWATER’s “Supernova” is Aw-right¡! Listen to it a few times as it does luxuriate … well done, lads.

dani bandoliers Spotify luettelo ja luja tahto vie läpi harmaan kiven …

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rat in a Jar
2. Cruel Thing
3. Supernova
4. Once More With Feeling
5. Broken Stone
6. Foreverplay
7. Blindfold
8. Paragon of Bullshit
9. Rocket Fuel
10. 3/1
Jussi Vehman - Vocals/Bass
Markku MacKone - Vocals/Guitar
Jarno MacKone - Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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