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Rude – Remnants

by Jess at 17 May 2017, 1:44 PM

RUDE is an Extreme Metal turned Death Metal band from California, United States; formed in 2008. Today, they focus on “Death Metal risen from the ashes of the golden days” and their latest full-length “Remnants” is inspired by the likes of MORBID ANGEL, PESTILENCE, and NOCTURNUS. It is “Death Metal to the bone”. “Remnants” comes in with nine tracks and a listening time of just under 40 minutes.

Track one, “Torrent to the Past”, comes roaring in with thick guitars, a chunky bass and some incredible drumming, but as the track kept going, it lost a bit of power. The vocals are so low and have a nice range as far as growling is concerned. The production started off OK, but like the power of the track, as we move along, it became choppy and layered sounding, like one element on top of another instead of the elements being woven into each other.

House of Dust” starts off so cryptically and heavy. The drums navigate rhythms concisely with a masterful approach, however, it begins to sound super similar to the previous track. The vocals are gritty and low, and sort of layered under the music, which in this case, makes for an interesting sound. The guitars are great, but sound a bit muted from production. The solos soar and you can hear the talent that is. Again, there are some production things in this track that creates a popping sound throughout.

Title track “Remnants”, and track five, comes in much slower and lower than what we’ve heard so far. It’s more mellow and allows the guys to capture a different aspect of their music. At about a minute in, it turns back to its blasting ways and were off on another adventure. The guitars are low and have some incredible slide action. The bass is buried for the most part. It is there, but not used as it could be. I have an issue with the drums in this track. I absolutely love the how easy the changes come and how as the track progresses they come to life a bit. I do not like how in the beginning they were jagged and sounded discombobulated.

ReBoot”, track eight, is one that I really wanted to showcase because of its uniqueness in this album. While only coming in at 1:32, I feel like this showcases a bit more the variety of music these guys can accomplish. “ReBoot” transitions smoothly into the final track “Children of Atom”. It starts with what sounds like bells, more church-esque than school. Then we move in to a heavy bass and drum intro with bellowing guitars that help keep this track low, but pulling off some interesting transitions.

I’m really torn with this review, because there is so much potential within the tracks of this album, but it fell flat. RUDE really has what it takes to create great music and perhaps better production would clean up some of the off-ness in the album instantly. The popping in every track throws off the overall feel immediately. “Remnants” has potential and there is definite talent throughout.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 4

3 Star Rating

1. Torrent to the Past
2. House of Dust
3. Blood Sucker
4. Interpretations of The Ultimate Finality
5. Remnants…
6. Fracturing the Gates Of Truth
7. Sanctuary
8. ReBoot
9. Children of Atom
Yusef Wallace – Guitars and Vocals
Jason Gluck – Bass and Vocals
David Rodriguez - Guitars
Chad Gailey – Drums
Record Label: FDA Records


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