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Rude Awakening - A Tribute To Thin Lizzy (CD)

Rude Awakening
A Tribute To Thin Lizzy
by Grigoris Chronis at 20 May 2007, 3:23 PM

What can some Rock fan say 'bout the music of THIN LIZZY? What more can we write down for their gigantic influence on Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music? Apart from the (sad) fact that the band was - according to the era we now live in - of a rather 'short' career, there certainly is little amount of bands/artists denying any influence from the melancholic figure of Phil Lynott. Be it, in the last years' typhoon of tribute bands, a normal band named RUDE AWAKENING decides to record an one-band tribute album to the majestic music of tin lizzie. Phil Lynott was born on August 20th, 1951 and - 56 years later - still stands so close to his fans' hearts.
In 1996, bassist Robert Ryder was invited to Ireland by Philomena Lynott, in order to attend the 10th Annual Vibe For Philip in Dublin. Some time later RUDE AWAKENING held a celebrity-packed tribute concert of their own (at August 20, 1996). Philomena 'entitled' them as 'the best THIN LIZZY tribute band'; Kid Jensen (the man who originally discovered THIN LIZZY) agreed. Isn't it the ultimate honor itself or what?
RUDE AWAKENING exist for 23 years now, but I got rather confused trying to find out when and what they have so far recorded. Never mind…ahhh…got it: 1986's An Act Of God, 1989's Wake Up And Smell The Pavement, 1991's Bent To Our Will, 1993's Silent Cry, 1995's Headbutter and the latest(?) Scaring The Perfect People (1996). Just for the record…
A Tribute To Thin Lizzy stand more than satisfactory. The vocal lines, the guitar duo, the rhythm section…all is there, alive n' kickin'. I enjoyed all cover versions, with Warrior and Hollywood being personal favorites - mainly due to the overloaded 'hit list' of THIN LIZZY remembered in every band's cover version or club's setlist. As for the production? The CD would easily be dating back to 1982 and none would complain.
Rating? Can we rate this one? Yes, we can. Since it's a one-band-to-another homage, the truth is RUDE AWAKENING - whose own works never have I so far listened to - reveal great spirit in the services of THIN LIZZY's heritage. Phil would approve (I assume)!

4 Star Rating

Don't Believe A Word
Wild One
Johhny The Fox
Still In Love With You
Cowboy Song
Boys Are Back In Town
It's Only Money
Sha La La
Mitch Urban - Vocals
Bill Sablan - Guitars
Robert Ryder - Bass
John Goodwin - Guitars
Kai Ballard - Drums
Record Label: Nidus Music Productions


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