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Rue The Day - The Machine (CD)

Rue The Day
The Machine
by Yiannis Doukas at 31 December 2007, 6:46 PM

RUE THE DAY is a very new band formed in the beginning of 2005, based in Midlands of United Kingdom. As you can imagine The Machine is their debut and I must say it confused me a lot. Why that?
Well, if you listen to their intro, It Ends Tonight, and the next one, Careless Talk, you will notice many IRON MAIDEN influences that are so deep that sometimes I have the illusion that I am listening a TWISTED TOWER DIRE album. But all these good elements are completely destroyed by useless emo and Hardcore references. Put also some Nu-Metal details and my disappointment becomes bigger.
I can't deny some nice guitar moments in songs such as Bullet Of Tranquility, The Machine, From The Ashes or the beginning of Ridin' The Storm, but all these are lost by some Rap vocals or screamo bullshit jumping nonsense. The other negative thing is these stupid girl-ish happy melodies like the refrain of Pretty Girls (Get Split) combined with some screamy vocals proclaiming an antithesis without a reason for its existence. I guess for funs of RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS this is something good; take for example Twist.   
I prefer to suffer a death by flagellation than listen to this, but it breaks my heart hear all these nice ideas thrown into the cesspool.

1 Star Rating

Intro (It Ends Tonight)
Careless Talk
Bullet Of Tranquility
The Machine
From The Ashes
Ridin' The Storm
Pretty Girls (Get Split)
Mark Jessop - Drums, Keys
Dave Richards - Lead/ Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joe Nicholls - Bass Guitar
Jack Clothier - Lead Vocals
Rich James - Rhythm/ Lead Guitar
Record Label: Casket Records


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