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Ruffians - Desert of Tears (CD)

Desert of Tears
by Grigoris Chronis at 19 October 2006, 5:09 PM

This album reminded me of how much in need of some 'air' in an album's production a Metal fan often is. Nowadays, blocked in continuous double-bass drumming, distorted bass lines and tons of recorded guitar takes just for a single riff, you can't - sometimes - clear out the factual number of players/instruments in an album. US Metal veterans Ruffians and their brand new album Desert Of Tears did show up on perfect timing!
Ruffians are rarely known in the Metal 'field', except to those capable of digging in the 'golden' 80s era for superior 'infamous' bands. The sole reason someone can bump into this band is due to the fact that they initially featured the legendary voice of Carl Albert (R.I.P.) before he joined the Power/Speed metallers Vicious Rumors. Apart from this historic info, Ruffians did achieve little in the Music Industry with their sole - back then - self-titled release (1985). How weird, since the band was so famous in the Bay Area, San Fransisco 'circuit' that did open up for monumental artists like Alice Cooper, UFO, Dokken, Saxon, Queensryche, Slayer and Y&T.
Life is a bitch…calling it quits in 1989, it was of great excitement to see the band reforming for the Bang Your Head!!! festival in June 2004. Hellion Records re-released the original album (on CD with live bonus tracks and in a 'limited edition' vinyl with previously unreleased tracks) to coincide with the band's shows. Rave reviews followed their gigs, pointing - among other - to the striking voice of follow-up singer Rich Wilde. Starving for what they'd - back then - lost, Ruffians released the There & Back double disc in 2005 and hit Europe once again for 8 shows in 5 different countries (not even in their wildest dreams, I guess!). With Germany's Keep It True festival being the tour's last 'station', it was time for a new 'carnage' strike. And here it is:
Remember the 'air' shit we were talkin' above? This is the case: three out of five original members decide to write songs that represent the purest form of 'classic' American Metal the way a 'classic' metalhead desires. Rich Wilde delivers great vocals - in a rather 'theatrical' but still Metal 'mode' - while the songwriting is very good, too. Relevant to the likes of Riot, Sword (who can recall these great Canadians?), some of Jag Panzer, early Savatage and 'retro' Vicious Rumors/Armored Saint/Judas Priest, the track listing consists of - mainly - mid-tempo tunes while some fast parts can nail your head to the wall. The guitar work is awesome, full of blazing riffs and tremendous soloing, while dual leads 'enrich' the outcoming result.
What else do you want? For not much of a chance you - in prior - are a Ruffians follower, this album is a good chance to discover a 'simply Metal' band that plays music from the heart. The first 'limited' edition will include the exclusive bonus track Risen, but - any format - Desert Of Tears will guide you back to the glory 80s days, through the path of purity and Metal passion. You decide.

3 Star Rating

I Believe
Running Blind
Day Of The Champion
Desert Of Tears
I Will Fly
Darkest Of Light
It Ain't Over
Live By The Sword
Soldier's Fate
Chosen One
Craig Behrhorst - Guitars
Chris Atchison - Guitars
Luke Bowman - Drums
Rich Wilde - Vocals
Tommy Sisco - Bass
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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