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Ruin – Drown in Blood

Drown in Blood
by Jose Macall at 12 June 2017, 10:12 AM

While Death Metal is undoubtedly the best music in the world, regardless of what people with opinions and facts say, it has gone through some changes. Some of these changes are enjoyable. Who can dispute that shredding isn’t awesome? Who can deny that maybe mixing it up a little bit and pushing the boundaries on speed and complexity of song structure isn’t beneficial in the long run? Pushing the envelope is deeply rooted in Metal tradition, and also probably some Postal worker’s job. What I am saying here is that change can be good. But it can also be a little much. I get it; traditionalism is there for a reason. Getting all fancy and finger-y with the guitar work can in fact get boring and detract from the brutality of a sound because it suddenly turned into uncle Jazzy-Blue’s picking expo. Not to mention that being too accepting has led to some stuff that really borders on banishment from the realms of Metal. Electronic instruments, over-production and digitization begetting slacking and tricks to cover up a lack of true musicianship, clean vocals (gross), there are several things that come with change. It’s great to try that new restaurant where they talk funny and make future food, but sometimes you need home cooking. Sometimes you can’t beat the basics.

To call RUIN basic seems like an insult (Also, I think girls on the internet call each other this as a put down nowadays?). It’s not basic, it’s fundamental. It’s a return to the true path, it’s a recalling capturing the essence of what makes metal enjoyable to begin with. RUIN play great (expletive) Death Metal. They kill. They slay. If you like banging your head until your vision is blurry and the doctor warns you not to do it anymore lest you get more brain damage, then stop reading this now and pick up RUIN’S album. “Drown In Blood” is neighbor murdering, bible destroying, property setting fire-to, basement yelling carnage that warrants invading your earholes.

RUIN assails the world of the living with a bestial cacophony. Everything about the sound is harsh and insanely heavy. The vocals are vomited guttural primality, seemingly belched forth by some hideous monstrosity from beyond the realm of mortal man. The guitars devastate the ears, crushing the meek with a relentless onslaught of dense riffing heaviness. The drumming slams and thumps along, leading the war-charge. Overall songs are reminiscent of Death Metal’s glorious yesteryear; nothing is overly technical or clean, it’s a gritty, deep, swampy distorted sound that emerges slowly from the sewers and engorges all in its path. It’s the type of composition that hits you in the head with a hammer and keeps swinging even well after the skull is demolished. The few samples there are fit the music and are short and to the point, death is coming.

I love everything about this. If Death Metal was a movie genre it would undoubtedly be horror and this would be the slasher flick at midnight that makes the kids wince. From the slow choking melodies to the rampaging blasts of speed, this one is guaranteed to thrill any metal head. The song titles are even awesome “Nightmares in a Void” “The Thirst for Annihilation” “Rancid Death” Hell yeah, RUIN has an album that’s sure to offend your mom’s church group. No, Rob the Youth Pastor, I don’t care about eternal whatever, I’m listening to RUIN!

Fans of AUTOPSY, DEATH WITCH, EXHUMED, MAUSOLEUM, COFFINS, LORD GORE, IMPETIGO and the like will probably dig this and are definitely the most attractive people around. Fans of being a wiener, crying, pop music, and youth pastors named Rob will definitely not enjoy this.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Crawling Through the Vomit
2. Nightmares in a Void
3. Sewer
4. The Thirst for Annihilation
5. Torture is Heaven
6. Rancid Death
7. Spread Plague Hell
8. Drown in Blood 
Mihail Jason Satan - Guitars, Vocals
David - Drums
Record Label: Memento Mori


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