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Ruinas – Ikonoklasta

by William Travers at 12 April 2020, 7:14 PM

Spain… A country known for Rioja, Sangria and having a rich cultural history. I can’t say that I have heard of many Heavy Metal bands coming from the Mediterranean country. Until now…Tucked away in the North Western corner is a small town called Ferrol, the town is home to RUINAS a ‘sometimes dismal, sometimes punkish, sometimes sludgy and sometimes fuck you off’ group of grinding death metal who have brought their debut album “Ikonoklast” into the world via SPIKEROT RECORDS.

The artwork depicts two rotting skulls with maggots moving around them, it is instantly striking and memorable. The Album then opens with “Trepanacion” which instantly lives up to the Punk/Death feel that they self proclaim. In fact, it instantly reminded me of BRUJEIRA. With a relentless energy and pace to the music combined with a harsh deathly growl that just really has some bollocks behind it. Next is the titular track for the album “Ikonoklasta” which certainly exudes a more Death Metal feel. The exhausting pace is continued through from the previous track that simply pounds away at the listener; however, one cannot help but feel pumped and energized when listening to the wailing guitars and brutal riffs that are the backbone to this track.

Next, we jump to “Supercelula”, which to me feels more like a bridging track. However, it still maintains that intensity that has been displayed throughout so far. There is a dip, I feel, in the quality towards the middle of the album. With “El Tormento De Las Ratas” and “Ira, Cuchillo Y Fuego”. With both of the tracks just feeling rushed and as they don’t really offer much to the album its self. It is a shame as to this point it was very promising, I feel that the album its self could have done without these and their presence is simply to add numbers to the track list.

The rest of the album runs out with a series of shorter, intense and ruthless tracks that I feel push the band more appear to be a more extreme Punk Band with Death Metal influences. However, when we reach the final track “Ad Vermibus Gloriam” we are treated to an 80’s style synth introduction that would not have gone amiss in a film from the period. One might almost say that it is slightly self-indulgent. I feel that it is a welcome respite to allow the listener to catch their breath to a totally instrumental piece that sees out the album nicely.

Overall “Ikonoklasat” is a good debut album and good platform for RUINAS to develop and grow musically and personally. I believe that they will learn from their experiences of their first offering and they can do nothing but come back hungrier and stronger as a result, well done guys!

Song writing: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Trepanacion
2. Ikonoklasta
3. Ciclon Tarantula
4. Fauces De Saturno
5. Supercelula
6. Instinto Genozida
7. El Tormento De Las Ratas
8. Ira, Cuchillo Y Fuego
9. Vomito De Sangre
10. La Conjura De Los Insectos
11. Nueva Peste (De Profundis)
12 Retrovirus
13. Ad Vermibus Gloriam
Rober – Guitars/Bass/Synths/Vocals
Angel – Drums
Record Label: Spikerot Records


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Edited 03 October 2022

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