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Ruins Of Elysium - Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity Award winner

Ruins Of Elysium
Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 13 May 2017, 11:31 AM

Here in Brazil, things are nasty, and I would have to write more than my readers could support of how painful and hard is to make a Metal album here, in any genre you could think of. After you make the best you can, the public despise the bands, and I’m not kidding. To become great in Brazil being a Brazilian act, you must conquer the world. I can assure a thing to all of you: names as SEPULTURA, KRISIUN, ANGRA, NERVOSA and a few others you can think only became great because they won on Europe, Japan and USA. I’m truly sad and sorry to be honest in this way, but it’s true.

I say that because only after a band as RUINS OF ELYSIUM could gain great attention of you, the Brazilian fans would give them a chance. Their second album, called “Seeds of Chaos and Serenity” is one of the finest albums of Brazilian Metal history, and I’m not kidding. This band is, in reality, an international effort, because the three members are from different countries (Brazil, Norway and Italy). They play an intelligent and particular way of Symphonic/Epic Metal that is melodic and tender, that will bind you to their musical work with no difficulties. Once you listen, you’ll become a fan. Grandiose orchestrations, fine guitar riffs, excellent work on bass guitar and drums, and an amazing work on vocals (Drake’s tenor tunes are wonderful and melodic in a wonderful way).

The sound quality of the album is really excellent. It’s not perfect, because imagine the efforts a band with such musical richness working in an independent way, without any money support that isn’t done by the members. But the level they achieved is really excellent, being clear and heavy, tender and clear. The musical instruments and orchestrations are sounding grandiose and catchy, and the cover is another excellent point, giving the clear idea of what you’ll find on their musical work. “Seeds of Chaos and Serenity” was born on a golden cradle, is the purest breed of the gender.

Their finest moments (what made me do a great effort, because I see this album as a true masterpiece) of the album: the amazing and catchy melodies of the tender and grandiose “Shadow of the Colossus” (what great orchestrations you’ll find here), the hypnotic and lovely melodies of the amazing “Serpentarius” (you’ll be hooked to them after hearing this song, with wonderful tenor vocals contrasting in a beautiful way with the soprano vocals done by Mayra Temponi), the references to extreme Metal weight that can be heard on “Beyond the Witching Hour”, and the five acts of “Seeds of Chaos and Serenity”, that together, lasts almost 40 minutes, with each part revealing how RUINS OF ELYSIUM is rich of musical elements and ideas, with different tempos, riffs, solid work from bass guitar and drums, excellent vocals, and even intelligent lyrics (on this suite, the main theme is a famous manga called “Sailor Moon”).

The band released “Seeds of Chaos and Serenity” in a digital form, but is struggling hard to release physical copies. You can help by this link:

To end this review, what is left to say is that RUINS OF ELYSIUM are excellent, and I truly recommend you all to listen to their work. “Seeds of Chaos and Serenity” is one of the finest albums of the year.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Kama Sutra
2. Shadow of the Colossus
3. Serpentarius
4. Beyond the Witching Hour
5. Iris
6. The Birth of a Goddess
7. Seeds of Chaos and Serenity Arc 1: Crystal
8. Seeds of Chaos and Serenity Arc 2: Black Moon
9. Seeds of Chaos and Serenity Arc 3: Infinity
10. Seeds of Chaos and Serenity Arc 4: Dreams
10. Seeds of Chaos and Serenity Arc 5: Stars
Drake Chrisdensen - Tenor vocals
Vincenzo Avallone - Guitars, bass
Icaro Ravelo - Drums, synths
Record Label: Independent


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