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Ruins - Front The Final Foes (CD)

Front The Final Foes
by Harry Papadopoulos at 05 November 2009, 9:57 AM

To tell you the truth, until this album fell in my hands I only knew two bands from Australia and they don't have anything to do with Black Metal. So, without knowing what to expect from RUINS I put the CD in my stereo and pressed the 'play' button.

Just for your information, RUINS are from Hobart, Tasmania and are active since 2002. They have released two more full-length albums and a mini CD. Their name begun to be known in the Australian underground scene since they were the supporting act for the SATIRYCON, IMMORTAL and CELTIC FROST Australian tours. The first time they left Australia was in 2008. They went to New Zealand for a festival (An Audience With The Devil) and supported PIG DESTROYER in two live shows.

Listening to Front The Final Foes, many bands came to mind as far as the sound concerns, mostly the ones I've mentioned above. Their Black Metal is not bad, but on the other hand these are things that I've listened to before. Nevertheless, I have to admit that they have nice ideas and the album flows nicely. Alex's vocals are the typical ones. His voice is not, fortunately, and I liked that I could understand most of what what his was saying and not just something like …Aaaarghhhh…. The production is as clear as, for this kind of music, it has to be. I believe that RUINS will not make a 'breakthrough' move to the Black Metal scene, but they will be a decent member of it anyway.
Front The Final Foes is not an album that will be in my CD player quite often but surely is a CD that fans (like me) of the bands mentioned at the beginning of this review will like.

3 Star Rating

Breath Of Void
The Sum Of Your Loss
Cult Rapture
Front The Final Foes
Hallways Of The Always
Keeping This Crown
With These Winged Words
Alex - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Dave - Drums
Record Label: Debemur Morti


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