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Rumors Of Gehenna - Rumors Of Gehenna - DEMO (CD)

Rumors Of Gehenna
Rumors Of Gehenna - DEMO
by Michael Dalakos at 18 July 2006, 1:36 AM

Holy thunderfuck! Either these guys are rich or the price for printing a cool CD in Italy has gone vertically down. Otherwise I cannot explain how come this demo CD comes in Digipack with excellent artwork, plus the CD is factory printed. Chippies of the world beware! Apart from that however not only was the package that impressed me in this act.
The band was formed in 2002. The lineup became stable around the end of 2003 and since then they started performing as much live as possible. The band took part in festivals like Castle Metal Festival, Nine Fear Festival and Summer Music Festival apart from several individual gigs. This demo was recorded aat Studio 73 in Ravenna with the guidance of Riccardo Pasini (Beerbong, The Secret, Ephel Duath, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Reprisal etc.).
The sound offered by Rumors Of Gehenna is a mixture of extreme, technical Death Metal and Metalcore with ultra-furious guitar riffs, a grinding rhythm section and pissed off vocals (the ones I describe as who stole my yogurt from the refrigerator? Prepare to be impaled, bliargggg!!!). Yeah, I admit that these Italian dudes are definitely pissed off with something - otherwise I can't explain how they've managed to create such a frenzied piece of work. And though this can't be considered innovative (in my opinion this kind of Metal has offered pretty much its 99% of abilities and innovations a long time ago - what we hear now is nothing more than safe experimentation), I have to say that R.O.G. know their game really well.  
I would love to hear more songs from this band. These three samples are excellent but I definitely need more material for evaluation. Fans of the genre should look out for them.

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My Hourglass Never Fails
November 31st A.C.
Lucio Maurigh - Drums
Federico Re - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Davide Scarano - Vocals
Antonio Merici - Bass
Mirko Sgobba - Guitar
Record Label: Self Released


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