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Runemagick - Evoked from Abysmal Sleep Award winner

Evoked from Abysmal Sleep
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 27 August 2018, 10:08 AM

Swedish Death Doomers RUNEMAGICK are back with a new album this summer. Having heard of them for a couple years it's good to see they're doing new stuff, and are still active."Realm of Living Dead" was their last known publishing (2015) , a Swedish live show recorded back in 2003. "Evoked from Abysmal Sleep" is a standard ten songs (eight songs for the physical CD copy) for a little less than an hour of crushing doom. "After the End They Rise Again" offers an intro to set things in place and prepare us for whats to come. Next we already have the title song, offering a mid paced opener with easily recognizable riffs that sticks pretty fast and which is cut by two growling voices consisting of one predominant and the other offering depth and more consistence. For the last minutes, nice solos are invoked and closes the circle very nicely.

"Runes of the Undead" is a killer song, old school like no flashy shit , just plain good "Death Doom" with dark landscapes, the production and recording plays a big role in the rendition of the song.We are in ultimate territory,there's no turning back, the veil has fallen,doomed we are! The guitar parts are quite convincing , they add plenty of atmosphere while having a basic structure.This is a powerful and dangerous at the same time. I'm hooked. "After the End They Rise Again" starts it all with a traditional doom guitar riff.Sick stuff. I love it. Extremely transcending, lesser notes but each one is hammered in the head firmly. A few change of time signatures makes it a little more moving, sounds a lot like  Old CATHEDRAL, ("Forest of Equilibrium") and the vocals CATHEDRAL's "Garden of Unearthly Delights". My favorite. "The Mirror of Darkness"  is one of the two songs that are only available through the bandcamp album version. Unfortunately, I wasn't given the song for the review.

"Wisdom Keepers Resurrected" is an amazing psalm in the bible of doom metal! An incantation of pure bleak epic doom that makes the boots stomp on the tombs of the undead. Haunting riffs, growling madness, each word is spoken firmly and eternally, THE WISDOM KEEPERS!!!!!!!! "An Anthem of Olden Magic" uses quite the same approach but with more melodic guitars, especially in the last parts of the song. "Tomb to Womb" is another successful attempt at making non stop headbanging and yelling at the moon.Dark and gloomy presence,wow this is getting better and better each song i listen to. No annoying repetitions they are quite creative in the riffing production and all is set up for having a great time. This is the full moon and it makes me want to growls, naked in a forest,looking for my last prey. Fuck this is amazing. An occult feel too is present,yeah guys! "A Shining Spirit from Beyond" uses kettledrums to add more tribal or dramatic ambiance. This one acts has an outro, to finish the circle and close it all.

Wow, I'm impressed. RUNEMAGICK are back and they have great ammo for years to come I guess. What a wonderful journey through the realms of desolation, gloom,solitude, even dark landscapes. All of this provided with very effective singing, consistent drumming, inspired and creative guitars and bass. They take all the already known ingredient for a good Death/Doom, or even Dark Metal album and they uses it the RUNEMAGICK way . Horns up guys !!!(Emma too!!!))

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. After the End They Rise Again
2. Evoked from Abysmal Sleep
3. Runes of the Undead
4. A Rising Fume of Returning Death
5. The Mirror of Darkness
6. Wisdom Keepers Resurrected
7. An Anthem of Olden Magic
8. Spirits from the Dark Shadows
9. Tomb to Womb
10. A Shining Spirit from Beyond
Nicklas Rudolfsson – Guitars/Vocals
Emma Rudolfsson – Bass
Daniel Moilanen – Drums/Percussion
Record Label: Aftermath Music


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