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Runemagick - Dawn Of The End (CD)

Dawn Of The End
by Yiannis Doukas at 09 March 2008, 3:30 PM

Forget this world, because it's just an illusion. Welcome to the land of shadows, of Lovecraft-ian terror, a cosmos where everything has been demolished, touched by the chill hand of death. Total doom, the smell of previous holocaust, opened graves, a moistness full of rottenness and vomiting filth while the only existing colors are grey and black.
Although I knew that this band was still alive after the Century Media era, I didn't have an idea that their sound had become more doomy and deadly. Now RUNEMAGICK consist of three persons with Nicklas Rudolfsson in vocalic and guitar duties, probably known to you by his drumming playing in bands like SWORDMASTER (had released some nice albums like Postmortem Tales or the Deathrider EP) that were into Thrash Metal, despite the fact that in their beginning they were 'Black'. He was also a member of deathsters SACRAMENTUM and DEATHWITCH, while now - except RUNEMAGICK - he is in many projects and bands like THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA, walking the paths of almost funeral Doom. Emma, his wife, was in DRACENA a (in the beginning) female Death Metal band.
Daniel the drummer except his membership in DRACENA was also in LORD BELIAL, an almost above mediocre Black Metal band into the Swedish side of this style. RUNEMAGICK, after the release of three records in the German label I mentioned before, went to Norway's Aftermath Music and after 2000 they have unleashed seven albums with this one being the latest one.
Their haunted complete Doom intro Dawn Of The End invades your mind and after that there is no hope for turning back. The bells lament for the destruction of the world. The CELTIC FROST influences are clear in Chthonic Temple Smoke, giving birth to an out-of-logic and beyond-any-known-emotion terror complete out of the human logic. The fact that they are coming from Sweden can be seen in their ENTOMBED references, like in Retaliation while Nicklas voice is necro like Lars Goran Petrov's one. In the fourth minute I just become insane and in the ending everything is so Doom that even REVEREND BIZARRE fans will be satisfied. Guitar's effect with the wah-wah is one of the best moments for this album.
The CELTIC FROST orgy continues with Volcano Throne with a production being total 'Death', a sound perfect for this style especially for the bass. The instrumental The Circle sounds so isolated and mayhemic like every life has been disappeared since many years before, while Magus Of Fire and the outro instrumental Sabbatum Ad Infinitum show us that this band has endless inspiration.
I liked it very much; basically, except its nice music this album has something from the feel of the old days of Death Metal which entrapped me instantly. It's obvious that it's not for everyone but those who know must listen to it.

4 Star Rating

Dawn Of The End
Voyage To Desolation
Chthonic Temple Smoke
Volcano Throne
The Circle
Magus Of Fire
Sabbatum Ad Infinitum
Nicklas Rudolfsson - Vocals, Guitars
Emma Rudolfsson - Bass
Daniel Moilanen - Drums
Record Label: Aftermath Music


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