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Runemagick - Envenom (CD)

by Dimitris T. at 18 May 2005, 6:55 AM

One thing that distinguishes Runemagick from all the other Metal bands is the fact that although its origin's from Gothenburg, Sweden, it does not have the 'melodic' Death Metal style found that part of the world, not at all. It is an extreme Doom Metal band and one of the best indeed, especially after its new release, Envenom.
It all started back in 1990 when Nicklas Rudolfsson created a band and named it Runemagick. Inspired by several acts (Bathory, Candlemass, Celtic Frost) the band recorded several demos and tapes back then. The years have passed and after many releases, lineup changes, records deals etc, the band finally took its final (in 2003) and present form as a 3-piece band with Emma Karlsson and Daniel Moilanen surrounding Nicklas Rudolfsson. Envenom is the band's 8th release and it shows that they have definitely found their way through their Metal path.
The album lists five lengthy tracks, just as it's supposed to be in Doom Metal. All tracks are equally good and that makes Envenom in a few words, a piece of slow, painful, death, extreme doom Metal. In this, over an hour, funeral madness, Nicklas Rudolfsson creates a unique atmosphere through the use of heavily distorted guitars, grunts, and ultra slow motion speeds. The excellent production, for that kind of music, helped create a rather special album, which sounds like… Runemagick! The atmosphere weighs tons, right from the very first second, as the darkened doom/death cloud spreads. The album is not meant for easy listening. On the contrary, one must play the disc quite a few times in order to manage to feel its greatness.
Envenom is an excellent release. Runemagick succeeded in developing their music and producing a great Doom/Death Metal album that will not disappoint any listener. Everything is just as it's supposed to be, so just buy it…

4 Star Rating

Envenom (Laterna Magica)
Omnivore (Sin Eater)
Emma Karlsson - Bass
Nicklas Rudolfsson - Vocals & Guitar
Daniel Moilanen - Drums
Record Label: Aftermath Music


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