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Runescarred - The Distant Infinite

The Distant Infinite
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 January 2020, 4:17 AM

From their Facebook page, “RUNESCARRED is an Austin, Texas Progressive Rock and Metal band that explores depths of modern rock and roll with absolute heavy metal swagger. Rising out of the ashes of Austin legends DEAD EARTH POLITICS and joining forces with regional heroes SOUTHERN FRONT, RUNESCARRED are hurtling towards success. Veterans of a thousand nights on the road and countless packed clubs, they have worked hard to polish their distinct Prog metal assault and confidently stand beside some of the biggest names in the genre as talented musicians and songwriters.” “The Distant Infinite” contains ten tracks.

“Hexit” leads off the album, with hushed guitar tones and then the main riff hits heavy and fast. The vocals are edgy with a rasp and the music sounds almost Thrash like. “Inviting Rivers” opens with another fast moving riff and some galloping drums. I really don’t hear many Progressive elements at all, except for some meter shift which are quite tight. “Legionem Eclipse” opens with some pick scraping and then the main riff drops. They hug the low E chord quite often here, venturing out just a little. The dual vocals are a nice touch. “Mammoth” opens with some dissonance and the feeling that something is lurking out there. That bite is still present, mostly from the vocals. Here they remind me of JUDAS PRIEST.

“Minor Progressions” has some Progressive elements in the opening sequence. But from there, it follows a similar pattern to the previous tracks. Heavy and aggressive, it reminds of some of the classic 80’s Metal bands. “Poison Oasis” is the first track with some variety. Darkness abounds as the vocals are kept clean at first. It has a QUEENSRYCHE feeling to it for me, without some of the overly Progressive elements. “Sorrow Is” opens with clean guitars and a feeling of despondence. The clean vocals are sung with an element of sorrow, and the melody line is easy to follow. This song drips with raw emotion, and an outstanding vocal performance. “Swallow your Tail” has a slower rhythm that takes time to develop. There is an odd disconnect however from the music to the vocals. A trippy guitar solo ensues as well.

“This Distant Infinite” is a short instrumental, featuring guitar and piano in bright, clean tones. “Twisting Flesh” closes the album, with opening bass guitar notes and another emotional vocal performance by Ven Scott. There is again a disconnect from the key of the vocals to the key of the instruments at times, and it’s really nagging at me. The lead guitar work here however is fantastic. Overall, I really didn’t get much in the sense of Progressive music…little odd time meters and the music isn’t complex. It ties more into the Classic Metal bands of yesteryear for me. It was also, save for a few tracks, a bit on the boring side for me. I would not call this “confidently standing beside some of the biggest names in the genre.”

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Hexit
2. Inviting Rivers
3. Legionem Eclipse
4. Mammoth
5. Minor Progressions
6. Poison Oasis
7. Sorrow Is
8. Swallow your Tail
9. The Distant Infinite
10. Twisted Flesh
Ven Scott – Vocals
Tim Driscoll – Lead Guitar
Payton Holekamp – Drums
Josh Robins – Bass
Skunk Manhattan – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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