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Running Death - DressAge

Running Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 July 2017, 9:44 PM

Not only for fans, but I would say that there is a stimulation within the atmosphere surrounding 80s Heavy Metal, an era that is undeniable and one of the totems of the survival of Metal music. There have been wide selections of artists that have been challenging the tradition in order to come up with something genuine and new, or at least creative and above what is referred as standard. No, I am not getting into Progressive Metal, just a German band that has been on the role with the old school but also asked questions in the image of fairly complex and technical songwriting. RUNNING DEATH is not a new name in the European Metal scene, yet since the number of bands is ridicules; it has been tough to notice them. Just recently, through the Italian Punishment 18 Records, the band released "DressAge", continuing their contribution for the preservation of their roots along with concentrated gaze forward.

Are there any fans of ANNIHILATOR in the house? I guess there are. If there is an influence that was easy to spot on "DressAge" is of the Canadian Jeff Waters' melodic technicians. You can also throw in some of the early toughness of METALLICA, a little dose of playing abilities of MEGADETH and the never ending harmonic form of IRON MAIDEN. With such an impressive collection of icons surging through the brain, isn't it definite that there is something spectacular here at hand? Nothing is certain and none is sure, gladly that here we are in for a treat.

Throughout "DressAge", which is by the way a well thought title, I came to know a foursome team of musicians that is accurate, striving to reach higher on the ladder and raising the bar in melodic Metal. They are no DREAM THEATER, thank the heavens, they are streaming forward, with a shred of humor, covering nearly all grounds other than the extreme, delivering a salvo of technical riffing mixed up in the mud with catchy melodies, barely reprising themselves and still keeping the song without being an experiment. "DressAge" can be referred as top class instrumental and songwriting effort. I didn't fall of the chair from the vocals, which reminded me of the Bob Reid of the Canadian Thrash / Speed Metal band RAZOR. Nonetheless, the band's founder Simon Bihlmayer right here actually sings, even with a few fluent melodic examples, and not just battling to have his raspy tone heard.

"Delusive Silence" was the first piece that blew me away, displaying an amazing main riff that proves the crew's playing ability and style time and again, a versatile craft and almost equally memorable. Next in line was "Numbers", simple off the charts, sharp as razorblade but neatly done, sweeping with its melodic form and challenging musical composition. The magic of it all is that it is still 80s Metal driven. On the title track "Dressage" nothing sounds the same, it surely not your average hit, but after a few listens it will take its hold, great track. "Refuse To Kill" is the album's chief thrasher, the band's input on brutality in good measures, heavy as an iron fist, lean and mean. Other songs that should put you in a positive note:  "Duty Of Beauty", "Safety Second" and "Courageous Minds".

If I could base the assumption that the next generation of Metal would be golden on RUNNING DEATH, I am going to have fun in the next couple of decades. However, it is almost impossible to predict. Either way, these guys are going to roll some heads. Prepare yourselves.

Purchase Link: Punishment 18 Records

4 Star Rating

1. Courageous Minds
2. Dressage
3. Delusive Silence
4. Heroes of the Hour
5. Duty of Beauty
6. Numbers
7. Beneath the Surface
8. Anthem of Madness
9. Safety Second
10. Refuse to Kill
Simon Bihlmayer - Guitar / Vocals
Daniel Baar - Guitar
Andrej Ramich - Bass
Jakob Weikmann - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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