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Running Wild - Rogues En Vogue (CD)

Running Wild
Rogues En Vogue
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 21 March 2005, 1:41 PM

I look at my rum flask and see that it will last for the rest of my tiring day! My sword shows its lethal blade in the sun! The wind whispers to my mind songs of freedom and spells of wisdom! My muskets are full of gun powder! There is only an endless deep blue sea around me and a skull & bones flag saluting me above my one eyed covered head! Peace and tranquility all around! I take a sip of my precious black liquid! Oh what a lust to be free! I look at my CD player and the new Running Wild album is in! What more is there for me to say other than: Ready for boarding!
Maybe even Rock n' Rolf would not believe that he would make it that far so successfully until 2005, from his first steps with Granite Heart in the early 80's! But Running Wild is alive and kicking here once more! Mr. Kasparek has the ability of writing extra catchy songs with carried by the wind of hope choruses, tough riffs, melodical leads and a whole revolutionary atmosphere that surrounds the listener and transfers him into the land of freedom and serenity through internal catharsis! Is this so bad? Is it unacceptable to express your love for what you adore so much and have devoted your life to it? I don't think so! There are so many people who accuse Rolf and company of repeating themselves through the albums - and they have a good point there, for sure! But on the other hand, how many bands do you know that can still raise you to a higher emotional and mental plateau and make you feel strong enough - how many bands have real songs flowing with easiness and emotional richness? You know Running Wild is more than just a band! It is inspiration, true emotional experience, it is a direct injection of hope and positive energy straight into the heart of the modern Metal and Rock man! Of course the choice is yours, my friends!
The whole musical approach is a synopsis of Running Wild years from the magical and underestimated Black Hand In (1999) and Pile of Skulls (1999) albums and on, refreshed with new ideas full of emotional power! Rolf's main interest and Running Wild's main scope - Piracy Inc. - is also very vivid here! Maybe captain Rock should have tried to avoid certain repetitive issues about this stuff but then again…it's Running Wild man! It's like asking Albert King or Buddy Guy to play Thrash (this sounds interesting though)!
With songs such as Draw The Line or Angel Of Mercy we may try to find answers to many problems that bother us! This means that Running Wild are not only that ugly pirate band:, they have a great touch with reality and try to explain the world through their own eyes!
Just press the play button on your sound system and let the strength surround you! There is not even one chance that you will stop the flowing of this CD since the songs are very well written and roll on very nice! The production is also quite strange, meaning that certain instruments are far ahead at certain times! There has also been a slightly different approach in the effects used in the guitars and vocals compared to their previous works adding a touch of a more modern contact with nowadays! The songs are written in a way that they will be adored when played live! How many tons of beer and rum are needed in order to establish full mental orgasm when Running Wild perform live? Maybe countless! I am really eager to let my brain explode upon hearing the title song live, Rogues En Vogue!
The diamonds which are hidden in the Rogues En Vogue's black chest are: Draw The Line, Soul Vampires, Rogues En Vogue, Dead Man's Road, Skeleton Dance, Angel Of Mercy and the epic major song The War.
Let us hope that Rolf and his crew will decide to come by our country soon enough with their Jolly Roger! Until then let's hope that the black rum and the good weather will last long enough! Having exhausted all my strict album rating principles, Rogues En Vogue goes for:

4 Star Rating

Draw The Line
Angel Of Mercy
Skeleton Dance
Skull & Bones
Born Bad, Dying Worse
Black Gold
Rogues En Vogue
Winged And Feathered
Dead Man's Road
The War
Cannonball Tongue (Limited Edition Bonus Track)
Libertalia (Limited Edition Bonus Track)
Rock'n'Rolf - Vocals & All Guitars
Peter Pichl - Bass
Matthias Liebetruth - Drums
Record Label: GUN / BMG Ariola


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