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Ruphus – New Born Day (Reissue) Award winner

New Born Day (Reissue)
by Jered “The Inertia” Lacks at 09 April 2019, 9:51 PM

RUPHUS is a band that takes us all the way back to the 1970’s, with the early stages of Progressive Rock music. This band was far before my time, so it was interesting to hear such a complex sounding band from this time period of rock and roll. With its long line of different sounding instruments ranging from your regular guitar, bass, and drums… we are hearing several other sounds with instruments such as the flute, piano, organ, and saxophone. It takes an immense amount of talent for a roster of musicians to be able to blend those instruments and have the outcome be grand. RUPHUS accomplishes that. This is a band that sounds a little ahead of their time.

They were founded in Oslo, Norway in 1970 and were active until the start of the 1980’s. They released six full length studio albums, all under the same record label Polydor Records, including a concert album in 2017. During their career, they underwent different line up changes, as most bands often do. In fact, certain members left and rejoined a few different times.

RUPHUS began to record their first studio album in September of 1973 at Rosenburg Studios, titled “New Born Day”. This album was reissued in 1993. When I began the album, I was immediately drawn in with it’s first track “Colored Dreams” with its catchy, groovy, and stylish blend of so many instruments. I immediately knew I was going to enjoy this album. I was really amazed by the production value of this album. Every instrument is audible and crisp. As we dive into the second song, “Scientific Ways”, it starts off with an acoustic guitar and reminds me a bit of PORCUPINE TREE, a modern progressive rock band from the United Kingdom, formed by Prog Rock mastermind Steven Wilson. The entire song is quite easy on the ears with soulful vocals.

By the time we get to “Still Alive”, the third song on the album, we descend into a more psychedelic and mildly chaotic sound. This song features a saxophone solo, which will be the beginning of the array of different instruments featured on the rest of this album. With the rest of the tracks on the album, we will be graced by some very powerful female vocals, some atmospheric instrumentals, very “proggy” and audible bass lines, with piano, organ, and flute. I am always a sucker for a strong female fronted band. Upon listening to the album, it sounds like the duties were shared between Rune Sundby and Gudny Aspaas with the vocals, so we aren’t always hearing her (Gudny Aspaas). But, when we do… its memorable and she makes her presence on the album known.

The last track on the album comes in at a tad over nine minutes long. I’ve said before that you have to have a solid musicianship to be able to produce and write songs so lengthy. You have to keep it interesting. If you can do that, then don’t call yourself a progressive musician. But this album delivers. The longest track on the album “Day After Tomorrow” keeps you on the hook. What stuck out mostly to me in this track were the lyrics. I wasn’t once bored with this album. If you haven’t heard this album, I fully recommend it to anyone who enjoys Progressive Rock music. The musicianship, the talent, the writing is all to a T. I will certainly be adding it to my library.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Colored Dreams
2. Scientific Ways
3. Still Alive
4. The Man Who Started It All
5. Trapped In A Game
6. New Born Day
7. Day After Tomorrow
Asle Nilson – Bass, Flute
Hans Petter Danielsen – Guitar
Kjell Larson – Guiatar, Flute
Haakon Graf – Organ, Piano, Vibraphone
Thor Bendicksen – Percussions
Gudny Aspaas – Vocals
Rune Sundby – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone
Record Label: Apollon Records Prog


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