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Rust2Dust - Daymare

by Rebecca Miller at 28 October 2013, 4:26 PM

Slovakian Heavy Metal band RUST2DUST have released their first full length album, having released an EP, “Dopamine”, in 2010. They’re not from a country you’d usually associate with Metal, but if you consider the fact that they have supported LAMB OF GOD, you start to understand how good they are.

The album gets off to an excellent start, with the aptly titled “Intro”. It builds up the atmosphere well, an atmosphere that continues through the whole album. It’s a little instrumental piece, but it nicely brings the listener into the mood of the album, before the band get ready to rock your socks off. And rock your socks off they do. “Daymare” is all about the big riffs, and the fast pace, and the pounding drums. They keep up this attitude for every song, in order to form a great album. It’s very well put together, it’s a strong album in many respects, and it keeps true to the more traditional spirit of Heavy Metal, whilst seamlessly blending in other styles such as Grunge and Nu Metal. Now these labels might put some of you off, but RUST2DUST manage to blend their numerous influences together extremely well, and it doesn’t feel like they’ve just been thrown in with reckless abandon. It all fits together excellently, and results in an album that’s been really well put together, with a lot of depth.

The songwriting is excellent here, with the lyrics just as important as the melodies and riffs. The guys in RUST2DUST are obviously very talented musicians. The vocals from Buroň are sublime – he sings mostly clean, but there are times he shows his fantastic range and goes into more Deathly vocals which are lovely and brutal. His clean singing is very powerful, and drives all the songs. I’ve mention the riffs a couple of times already, but they really are brilliant, it’s good and melodic too, so you’ll be doing more than just nodding your head whilst listening to “Daymare”. It’s a quality album from start to finish, and there weren’t any of the songs which were a letdown. Sure, it’s not doing anything groundbreaking, but it’s been recorded well, it’s been produced well, and I think it’s going to earn the band a lot of new fans, rightfully so. It’s a good solid album, and one RUST2DUST should be proud of, especially since you can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into the making of it.

There’s definitely nothing scary about “Daymare” – it’s just an impressive album, made by a group of impressive musicians. If you’re a fan of traditional Heavy Metal, but are looking for something with a little twist on it, then check this out.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Stay Awake
3. Lost
4. Hate
5. Devil’s Whore
6. Daymare
7. Crime
8. Dopamine
9. Losing Everything
10. Kral’ Skazy
11. Rieka
Tomáš Buroň – Vocals
Martin Onfrejiča – Guitar
Martin Semjan – Guitar
Richard Potzner – Bass
Marek Matejov - Drums
Record Label: Metalbox Recordings


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