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Rusted Brain - High Voltage Thrash

Rusted Brain
High Voltage Thrash
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 April 2013, 2:05 PM

The late 80s again come to haunt, infest their violent manner, speeding and bearing the weapons of the past, bracing the will endorse your mounts of rushing adrenaline and seize your soul. There is something addictive about speedy Metal music that is the nourishment for the blood to boil within, so much excitement, and a vigorous euphoria. But hey, I don't think that I need to tell you that. So here we go with another Speed / Thrash band, surging to take part in the new wave of bands influenced by the genre's ugly, yet classic side of the table. Hailing from the frosty Poland, here comes the RUSTED BRAIN force of evil. Well, not too evil, more accurately wild and free. Heavily influenced by METALLICA and raw full throttle madness of RAZOR, these guys take no prisoners with their debut power consumption of "High Voltage Thrash", via Slaney Records. Nonetheless, while it would seem that the youthful spirit flows like a fine alcoholic brand in a nonstop brewery establishment, RUSTED BRAIN aren't something, at least for now, that is close to inspiring.

It was quite evident right from the beginning of the release that RUSTED BRAIN didn't came to sell themselves with a new product of Metal potency. Stomping the METALLICA way of "Kill 'Em All" and "Ride The Lightning", and RAZOR favorable efforts of the mid 80s of  "Evil Invaders" and "Malicious Intent", there is no way you will not bang your head at least a few times while listening to "High Voltage Thrash". Believe that it abides by its title, electrocuting with some of the finest rhythm guitar riffs of the genre, played just right along with a suitable sound preset following an old school directive. "Bloodpath", "Terrorzone" and "Executor", with their straightforwardness and inevitability, set the tone rather clear, onwards to attack with no remorse as blood will enforce the laws of the pit. As you noticed, RUSTED BRAIN's profound possession is the fact that they are young and energetic with a lot of steam to let out. Furthermore, they truly knew how to exploit the old METALLICA memory of the iconic past, which today is as a very distant memory, especially when it comes to the riffs and Hetfield like vocals. Despite their admiration for the past, Garnering Thrash Metal's old habits, the band's obviousness turned out to be their greatest foe while producing stuff that isn't that stimulating in the second listen or beyond. It is like a very rapidly satisfied hunger gone away with the wind with getting back in a flash. Sure that the songs that I mentioned will attain a place in a Thrasher's heart, but there is a need for more of those.

For a debut release, I think that these guys deserve this score. No doubt that perfecting their style even more will aid them on becoming more than just a partner in a big wave of bands. Luck is also a factor, but the music is the basics and will always be. Die hard Thrashers should take a bite from the feeding hand of RUSTED BRAIN, the storm awaits.   

3 Star Rating

1. Intro (Apocalyspe Now)
2. Caught in the Fire
3. Bloodpath
4. Waiting for Death
5. Juggler
6. Terrorzone
7. Executor
8. High Voltage Drunk
9. Burn 'Em
Damian "Rumcayz" Lodowski - Bass, Vocals
Michał "Kretu" Czerniakowskii - Lead Guitar
Przemek "Rogal" Rogalski - Rhythm Guitar
Benedykt "Benek" Zwoliński - Drums
Record Label: Slaney Records


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