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Rygel - Imminent Award winner

by YngwieViking at 21 February 2013, 12:12 PM

Oh my god, they did it again. Those Brazilian Metalheads are impressive. After an uninterrupted flow of amazing releases and essential albums provided by SCELERATA / PASTORE / CARAVELLUS / VANDROYA / SHADOWSIDE / SOULSPELL / HIBRIA / STILL ALIVE / HARLLEQUIN / ALLOS / HANGAR / ACLLA / AGE OF ARTHEMIS or lately SYMBOLICA, here is the new jaw-dropping piece of burning Power Metal coming all the way from Brazil. With a strong focus on sharp riffing and double kick fast rhytmic, RYGEL is following the same Glorious path of legendary precursor as LIAR SYMPHONY or DARK AVENGER. Armed with strong drumming abilities and ferocious guitar capacities as much as fellows PAINSIDE or HYBRIA but with also another common point : their main asset is their tenor lead vocalist.

RYGEL, indeed, holds under the name of Daniel Felipe (also active with LOTHLÖRYEN) a successful mix between Mr. Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X / ADRENALINE MOB) , Carl Albert (R.I.P.) (ex-VILLAIN / VICIOUS RUMORS) , Russ Anderson (FORBIDDEN) and Coburn Pharr (ex-OMEN, ex-ANNIHILATOR) under testoteronik infusion. You can almost copy and paste my review for PASTORE and VANDROYA to define the nature of the steel forged by RYGEL with just the complementary addition of a little more symphonic approach similar to SCELLERATA but with an even more Thrashy edge. A fierce brand of epic that leads to a pure jewel with the inner core of the Metallic intensity still ardent and framed by a flawless performance of the band.

A must-have for all fans of challenging yet agressive Power / melodic Heavy Metal, in addition, RYGEL shows an outstanding ability to remain traditional, in the pure Classic Head banging fashion with, a few sophisticated arrangements and some complex structures but with a straight focus on the effectiveness.

According to their new European label : POWER PROG Records, that will carry this 2012 release to the old continent under a licensed deal with Lance King’s Nightmare Records. RYGEL is a star which has 35 times the size of the sun and be situated in the constellation of Orion. This star is also the eponym of these stunning Brazilian Metal powerhouses, which are influenced from Hard Rock to Death Metal without to forget the traditional Metal elements. RYGEL does it all without losing their own identity. On the contrary: An exceptionally high recognition value is guaranteed. The New Wave Of Brazilian Heavy Metal”…I could not be more in agreement with that. The impact is imminent.

4 Star Rating

1. End of Days
2. Just One
3. Hope
4. Perfect Stone
5. Asking for Your Vote
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Memories
8. Damnation
9. Walking Dead
10. Realities
11. Envy Words
Daniel Felipe - Lead Vocals
Anibal Pontes - Guitars
Wanderson Barreto - Guitars
Ricardo Reis - Bass
Vagner Silva - Drums
Record Label: Power Prog Records


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