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Rygel - Revolution Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 August 2015, 11:35 PM

When we deal with countries, many are recognized for great bands. And actually, people think on Finland and Sweden when we talk about Heavy Metal music. But if my dear readers could know the potential of South American to overcome then both… No, I'm not provoking anyone, and don't mean to offend my dear Finnish and Swedish friends. But here on these lands where political corruption and hardships are a constant in life, many Metal bands arise, overcoming the trials of life, and really can be a great success. And one of these names is from Brazilian quartet RYGEL, that is coming with their new album, "Revolution".

Coming from Santos (the same city the soccer lovers will always remember due the figure of Pelé), they are playing a modern way of traditional Heavy Metal, using an aggressive insight into a melodic embodiment, like the sister band VETOR (from the same city). The band uses very good vocals (going from melodic vocals to harsh ones with no difficulties), a great and perfect work done by guitars (both on massive riffs and melodic and good solos), and a powerful, technical and heavy rhythmic session. Yes, they have guts to throw their music down our throats, and it sound so good.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thiago Hóspede at Lamparina Studios, the result is a sound quality that is close to perfection. We can really understand what the band is playing, but it is as heavy and abrasive as hell. And the art of Vinnie Savastanno (the and guitarist) is good and gives the idea behind the main concept of the lyrics (it's a great scream for help to humanity, if you can get the main idea clearly).

The album is excellent as a whole one, but I'll point some tracks for you to start: the modern and aggressive "Save Me" (very good technical tempos, with great bass guitar and drums works), the harsh, melodic and introspective "The Story Begins" (when the vocals tunes going from aggressive to melodic and even desperate tunes, and some excellent riffs), the excellent "Before The Dawn" (a bit more commercial that the previous tracks, presenting some great solos, and a very good chorus), "Meaning Of Life" (a song that is 50% melodic and 50% aggressive, having some extremely accessible moments, with fine and tender clean and introspective moments), "Burning Remains" (another neck breaking song, with some excellent musical arrangements, using a bitter and melodic tempos, presenting again great vocals and fine backing vocals), and "Damage Done" (a very fine and elegant song, again mixing aggressive riffs with melodic insight and heavy rhythmic kitchen, and a perfect chorus once more).

But again: the whole album is excellent.

A great name from Brazil, and I hope you'll love it!

5 Star Rating

1. Save Me
2. Worst In Me
3. The Story Begins
4. Before The Dawn
5. Mutual Leeching
6. Meaning Of Life
7. Arisen
8. Repentance
9. Burning Remains
10. Damage Done
11. This Man
Wanderson Barreto - Vocals & Guitar
Vinnie Savastanno - Guitars
Ricardo Reis - Bass
Pedro Colangelo - Drums
Record Label: Power Prog Records


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