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Ryte - Ryte

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 January 2020, 5:47 AM

In mid- 2016, Hannes, Arik & Shardik decided to start a new project together. Arik & Shardik, at that time have already been playing several years together and were looking for someone to jam with. By chance they met drummer Hannes at a Saviours show in Vienna. Shortly afterwards RYTE was founded. They spent at least one intense year of continuous rehearsals and songwriting sessions in order to get a live-set and of course, an album together. In late 2017 they set up their very first (private) show at their rehearsal space in Vienna, spiked with a mind-blowing liquid light show done by Ufonauten. Since day one, the band's goal was to play sophisticated, mostly instrumental Heavy Psych with little hints of classic Prog, Space Rock, Doom and plenty of other stuff. The album contains four tracks.

“Raging Mammoth” is a raging mammoth of a track. Opening as if the start-up of a rocket ship, and leading to a Doomy old-school riff, it sounds like old BLACK SABBATH is back at it. The guitars contain prolific doses of wah-wah, and a dominating overall sound. There are no vocals in this opening song…just a series of ever-changing riffs that pummel you into submission. “Shaking Pyramids” is a beast of a song, clocking in at close to twelve minutes in length. The riffs jump here and there, begging you to keep up. The main riff chugs along slowly, and you can’t help but nod your head in that headbanging approach.  A mostly instrumental song, they let the riffs do the talking here, and loudly they speak. Towards the end that riff picks up and is incredible and full of energy.

“Invaders” isn’t quite as long, opening with a lumbering and heavy riff that repeats itself until you are knocked into submission. A few lines of lyrics are sung with an edgy tone, and those bass guitar notes dominate the middle part of the song a-la Geezer Butler. Some psychedelic elements come into play at the end. “Monolith” closes the album; a ten-minute beast. Bass guitar continues to dominate the sound here and it’s wonderful. Bass can often get lost in the final mixing of an album but has a lot to offer, especially in the Doom Metal genre. Some wonderful lead guitars mix in as well, each doing their own thing at one point.

Overall, it was a pretty good album. I like the songs without vocals; they tend to lend themselves to little or no vocals. The riffs were thunderous and the bass work amazing…they weren’t old and recycled, but fresh and new. The only problem I have is that they sound too much like BLACK SABBATH, and haven’t we all been given that gift for many, many years? The riffs weren’t old and recycled, but fresh and new. If they can work on distancing themselves a bit from the idols of the genre, they might really be onto something here.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Raging Mammoth
2. Shaking Pyramid
3. Invaders
4. Monolith
Lukas Götzenberger – Vocals/Bass
Hannes Ganeider – Drums/Percussion
Arik Guitar – Vocals
Shardik – Guitar/Effects
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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