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Spirits Of The Dead - Rumors Of A Presence

Spirits Of The Dead
Rumors Of A Presence
by Spyros Stasis at 30 May 2013, 2:06 PM

SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, return with their third album, “Rumours of a Presence”, after their self-titled debut and their sophomore release, the splendid “The Great God Pan”. The Psychedelic / Acid Folk / Stoner Rock quartet leads us once again into a trip of the senses, both with their energetic songs as well as with their darker visions. Basically what you get is nostalgia for the music of the 60s and 70s, combined with their stoner rock ideas and on top of that the band’s Folk influences.

Wheels of the World” might sound weird at first. Listening to the song for the first time, there seems to be an awkward aura about it, but after you heard it… that’s it! You cannot get the riffs and the psychedelic elements that are obvious on the track out of your head. Along with the second song of the album, the amazing “Song of Many Reefs” (fitting title guys!) which goes completely mental about three minutes in, after which a kick ass solo comes in dripping acid (the good sort of acid!) all over the place before an exceptional keyboard part, the first impression that the listener gets is that the band will focus more on the lighter side of the 70s. The two first songs are more upbeat and energetic and do not have a particular dark sound about them.

The psychedelic elements are much more prevalent in “Golden Sun”, aided by the use of effects to build up an intoxicating groove, with a second to none vocal performance which is complemented perfectly with the retro heavy riffs. Same is the deal with the title track. Well, almost title track, “Rumours of New Presence” retains the same dreamy feeling, with a great organ performance; it has a more laid-back feeling and obscure quality about it.

The darker, shadowy face of SPIRITS OF THE DEAD is first introduced in “Dance of The Dead”, a short track with a mysterious sensation about it, it reveals that this band will not be contempt with just their enthusiastic Rock N' Roll side but will dive deep in darker investigations. The trip takes off completely when the doom, actually almost sludge, “Red Death” comes in, with much more weight to it and a much slower pace, it is menacing and monstrous. Still the weird effects that the band has been using throughout the album and their 70s influences are still here, that much has not changed, but the overall impression comes from bleaker hallucinations that SPIRITS OF THE DEAD are passing onto the listener.

A break from the darkness with the sentimental feeling of the acoustic track of the album, the beautiful “Seaweed”, with another impressive vocal performance, it is a quite folky track, fairly emotional and very interesting. And it gives way to the true highlight of the album, the epic “Oceanus”. From the haunting melody at the intro and the unreal bass line, it brings together everything that SPIRITS OF THE DEAD are all about. The catchy melodies, the great vocals, the groove, the darker sound, everything is here, included in the seven minutes and thirty six seconds of the song.

The overall experience of listening to this album can be compared to a trip back in time, back in the days of psychedelic music and trips to altered states of existence. The Folk influences, combined with a Stoner Rock weight, the psychedelic elements and the great musicianship that the band brings to the table, all work together and bring forth an album of undeniable high quality. That is why “Rumours of a Presence” is an album you need to listen to.

4 Star Rating

1. Wheels of the World
2. Song of Many Reefs
3. Golden Sun
4. Dance of the Dead
5. Rumours of New Presence
6. Red Death
7. Seaweed
8. Oceanus
Geir Thorstensen – Drums
Ole Ovstedal – Guitar
Ragnar Vikse – Vocals
Kristian Hultgren – Bass
Record Label: The End Records


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